Back in Business ;-)

Hey Guys,


I hope you are all doing fine! I’m doing very well. Those two weeks of taking a break from everyday life were soo good! Honestly it was nice not to think about ski jumping for a while. 😉


In the meantime my vacation lies already nearly three weeks behind me and preparations gathered speed again. We are training a lot again and we will be on a trainings course in Tyrol for the rest of this week. And on this weekend I will start with my ski jumping colleagues at the CoC in Stams. Stop by, will be a cool competition! :-)


And then we also have the Summer Grand Prix’s finale in Hinzenbach and Klingenthal, something I’m very much looking forward to! Well, although it doesn’t look like winter at the moment, he isn’t that far away. 😉


But before that, we will continue to enjoy the late summer! :-)


See you soon!