Autumn is counting its last days and that means that the world cup season is soon to come – and I’m really looking forward to the season start.

The yearly Sommer Grand Prix is over and with my 5th place in Hinzenbach I’ve noticed, that the form is on the right way and I’m ready for the season to start at the end of November. The atmosphere in Hinzenbach was simply great, as well as the crowd in Bischofshofen at this year’s Austrian Championships. I managed to took three silver medals, so that’s a solid basis for the new season :-) Congrats to Fetti’s “Triple” 😉

Besides training and our yearly kitting out, I had the honour to be participant, together with Michi, in the Austrian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” A great experience and I think we didn’t perform that bad 😉

On the weekend we came back from a great training course in Cyprus, which did me a power of good before the season starts. In a few days we have our next training course in Oberstdorf, afterwards Lillehammer and then Ruka for the world cup start :-)

All the best,