Step by Step

The 4 Hills Tournament already lies some weeks behind us and we are back in the “daily world cup routine”. Unfortunately I had to skip the competitions in Zakopane due to an acute viral rhinopharyngitis. Of course I was very annoyed but when the body requests this break, you have to deal with it.


Apart from that I had some really great weeks. 3 times on the podium and a fourth place. I guess that’s nothing to sneeze at. What’s also great is Gregor’s comeback and our current team performance. Willingen proved it with a 2nd place in the team competition and as a group of four in the Top seven.


Now we have our first ski flying competition of this season on our schedule to which I’m very much looking forward to. Then we’re heading to Asia. First Japan, and then to the hill of the next Olympic Games 2018 in PyeongChang. And then we have also the World Championships in Lahti. So it won’t get boring in the next time. 😉


So keep your fingers crossed and I will keep on fighting! 😉


What a crazy 4 Hills Tournament!

Ok, what a crazy 4 Hills Tournament was that?


The first half was extremely good! First the victory in Oberstdorf, with Michi also on the podium, and then the 3rd place in Garmisch! Just amazing!


But it shouldn’t go on this way. After the victory in Innsbruck’s Qualification, I caught a gastrointestinal virus. Nevertheless I started at the Bergiselspringen the next day – but of course extremely stricken. Unfortunately the illness and also tough luck concerning the wind made it impossible to jump as far as the winners at the Bergisel. A day to forget.


However I wanted to give everything again in Bischofshofen, at least to make Kamil and Daniel a bit nervous and to wait for my chance. Sadly I wasn’t able to show some good jumps that day and therefore I had to be content with a 6th place in the overall ranking. Nevertheless congratulations to Kamil, who really deserved the victory and also to Daniel, who had so much tough luck at his last jump.


And thanks to you, all the fans at the hills!! You were once again an incredible audience!


This weekend we will head to Wisla, where I want to make a charge again!


So keep a stiff upper lip!