Welcome Home!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! For this great welcome party at home! It was a moving evening. So many friends, family and fans from home, who rejoiced this unbelievable season with me. Furthermore all those presents. Thanks a lot!


Now I’m heading to Vienna and Burgland because I also want to say thanks there. So many autograph requests came from there during the season and therefore I want come by at least once personally.


Today you can meet me at 16.00 o’clock in Vienna’s Lugner City.

Tomorrow I’m in the Manner Shop in Parndorf’s Designer Outlet.


So, stop by!


Afterwards I will spend some relaxing Easter days with my family and then I will head to the beach for some days :-)

29.03.2017, Skizentrum Hochzillertal, Kaltenbach, AUT, JumpandReach Skitag. EXPA Pictures © 2017, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ JFK

10 days after Planica

Planica lies 10 days behind us, but there wasn’t much time yet to work up all that had happend 10 days before, because the time after the season is also really exciting.


Last week, we watched the friendly football match between Austria and Finland, together with the kids of the JumpandReach “Young Athletes Support”. We really had a great evening with many happy kids cheering all together for Austria.


Furthermore we had the yearly JumpandReach Athletes Skiing Day on our schedule. Such a nice day in Hochzillertal! Amazing weather, amazing food with the JaR-Family. Always a great day!


Also the talk with Claudia Stöckl of Ö3 was an exciting experience. The talk is sadly one in German, but you can hear it anyway on Frühstück bei mir.


This week there is the Leonidas Gala in Salzburg, the welcome party at home in Schwarzach and the Medal Party of the ÖSV in Salzburg. Events I’m looking forward to, because there I have the chance to meet friends and relatives who I haven’t had the time to see during the World Cup season.