It is on!

The first world cup weekend is done. Well, not only done, actually it was a really great one.

The team competition has made so much fun. Together with Michi, Daniel und Clemens, we were a really young team. For Daniel it was even the first team competition ever. And Michi, with his 26 years our grandpa 😉 – he did some really good jumps, considering his injury. So the 2nd place was a very good performance by the whole team.

But I’m also very satisfied with the single competition on Sunday. The goal was to live up to the last season and I guess I achieved that with the podium. It was a close competition and I’m very happy that everything works so fine already. And then congrats Hubi! Great performance! I hope he’ll continue with such ski jumping.

On this week’s schedule we’ll have some time in the weight room but also relaxation in order to be well-breathed next weekend in Ruka.

See you,


London Calling

The new season is almost here. But last weekend Michi and I were traveling to London with our systemic coach Patrick. Very nice to get away a little bit from daily life and to see new things and I guess for that London is the place to be 😉

Sightseeing, good food (yes, even in England ;-)) and football were on our schedule and therefore we did not only see the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square, we visited one or two pubs and we watched a match in the legendary Wembley Stadium. Football is always part of our mutual travels. All in all a great weekend!

This week, we completed our last jumps at the Bergisel in Innsbruck and now the world cup can start! :-) I’m ready!!