SGT_2018 (19)

Unfortunately no win at this years’ SGT…

It was once again really cool playing a nice round of golf with the other ski jumping nations. The Ski-jumpers’ Golf Trophy is a great diversion from daily life and training in a beautiful ambience. At this great location we can always play a few holes and talk about stuff that doesn’t necessarily have a connection to ski jumping.

This years’ Golf Trophy could have been so beautiful again… but not with the golf performance I showed there 😀 It was just not my day, but as you know (sadly) that it also part of the game. Of course the Golf Trophy is all about fun and a friendly comparison of the ski jumping nations. But as an athlete it is really hard to completely blind out the “competition feeling” 😉 I was playing together with Johann Andre Forfang, we had a great time together and when it came to playing golf he came off better in the end.

Not just Johann but the whole Norwegian team could cheer at the end – for the first time of the Golf Trophy the Norges won the title… for sure that has to change again next year 😀
But jokes aside, together with the teams of the USA, Canada, Norway and us Austrians we were a cool and fun group and I am really looking forward to next years’ event.

In the upcoming weeks I will spend more time in the gym again and on the hill for some jumping. Training camps in Faak, Obersdorf and Wisla are lying ahead. Now it is time to sweat again for the next season and THE highlight – the HOME WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP in Seefeld 2019.

See you again soon, take care,