Cookies, Christmas and 4 Hills Tournament

Time goes by so fast and faster as you can notice it’s December again, the ski jumping season already started and one of the greatest highlights of the season is just around the corner. As every year the tournament is one of the highlights and, beside the HOME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Seefeld, a huge event more for every ski jumper.

After a lot of hard training courses and the first competitions this season it’s hard for me to say how my chances are for the tournament, because I had to deal with my missing consistency and security. But as we all know, the tournament often writes its own stories…

The tournament starts with the qualification in Oberstdorf and already the arriving is very special and for everyone a sort of signal – LET’S START THE TOURNAMENT. I want to gain security already in the first jumps of the tournament and start well in the spectacle of the 4 Hills Tournament.

Before I have to fight for important points and meters though, I am enjoying the time together with my family and my girlfriend. We spend Christmas together, as every year, traditionally and contemplatively with delicious food and a cosy come-together.  A time, which for me is one of the most important times of the year and which I really enjoy and value.

I am looking forward to an exciting tournament and especially to a special Home World Championship with you. This surely will be a season, which we will not forget that easily J

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!