3 medals…

If someone told me in autumn that I would win three medals at our “Home-WCS” in Seefeld, I would probably call them crazy. It was a tough preparation to THE highlight of my career. A WCS in our home country you don’t experience many times – winning three medals there will cause emotional memories which I will never forget in my life.

It all started with a really emotional medal – silver with the team. Jumping in front of the home crowd on Bergisel and winning a medal there – this was a really emotional moment for all of us. This silver medal means a lot to us and I will definitely find a special place at home for it.

Everything from now on will be an additional present – these were my thoughts from the flower ceremony on. And there was an addition on top. The bronze medal in the single event was a competition which tested my mental strength more than many events prior together. I guess “mental battle” describes this event the best – the conditions were really difficult and after my first jump, I thought, that a medal on this day is impossible. At the end of the day, the bronze medal was around my neck, which I wasn’t really believing on to be honest. To be fair I have to admit that the jumpers behind me had terrible conditions as well but in our sport it is like that – sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

I was more than happy with this medal and could hardly believe it. In the last competition I had the honor to compete together with Eva, Dani and Aschi in the Mixed Team Event. The whole team pushed themselves to their limits and beyond – that was enough to win silver again and overall the 3rd medal for me in Seefeld.

Because of the tough preparation and the great atmosphere during the WCS the feelings I was able to experience were simply unique and will stay in my mind forever. Thousands of fans, the atmosphere and euphoria, everything in red and white colours – all of this made the WCS just fantastic.

With 3 medals in my suitcase I will continue to the really north to the Raw air tour. I had many great moments there, and I am really looking forward to the next days – I will try to push myself to the limits.

I want to thank you all for crossing fingers and cheering for us. Thanks a lot for the great support.