Bye bye Bali, hello pre-season courses…

Just short time ago, I was lying on the beach of Bali, but soon the summer courses to prepare for the next season are starting.

I really enjoyed my leisure time and my batteries are fully recharged now. During the first weeks after the season end there is always a lot to do but the last weeks I really enjoyed. In April, I went to Bali with my girlfriend for about two weeks and I soaked up the nice atmosphere there – we really enjoyed it.

The people there, the food, the beaches and the nature, this all together seems like the paradise. I also tried surfing there, but with those waves it’s not easy at all ;-). Soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying was our plan, and I am pretty sure that this wasn’t my last time on this dream island.

My batteries are now completely full, and I am ready for the summer courses and many training sessions at the “Heeressportzentrum” in Salzburg/Rif. I’m looking forward to it, I am ready.

Until then,