(Planned) Rematch at the Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy

As every year I have been looking forward to Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy. To play golf together with my ski jumping colleagues is every year a highlight in my calendar and therefore a great alternation for all of us. During an awesome, relaxing game, we were able to talk to each other, which is not that easily possible during winter season. Already an evening before the match started, we had the chance to exchange news and make plans for next day’s Golf Trophy 😉. Alex Stöckl and Christian Meyer performed a great “private concert” and therefore contributed to a great flair this evening – it was great.

Now about Golf Trophy: After seeing the Norges winning the title last year, we could not let go on a rematch. My performance on the green sadly did not contribute too much to that… At the end the Norges defended their title and won the Trophy already the second time.

Of course, as every year, the exchange between the athletes is the most important thing about Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy. Nevertheless, I could not let go on my ambition 😉. During my round with Maren Lundby and Johann Forfang we had a lot of fun and challenged us from hole to hole and also had a lot to talk about beside ski jumping, which we really enjoyed.

The day ended with a lunch of all the participants of the Golf Trophy. As very year it was a great day with great people and perfect weather. I am already looking forward to next year and therefore hope to improve my golfing! J

For us the preparation for next season starts. We have two training sessions, one in Bischofshofen and one in Faak, which I enjoy every year.

Hear you soon and best wishes,