A short review to the 68th 4 Hills tournament

As quick as I began, it’s over again: the 68th 4 Hills tournament is in the books. For me it was of course, like for every other ski jumper, THE highlight of the year and among other things had a lot of ups and downs.

Like every year I started towards Oberstdorf with a huge anticipation. With my previous results I was very satisfied and especially because of my victory in December in Nizhny I felt perfectly prepared for the upcoming tournament.

Like in the past year, the competitions couldn’t have started better: In Oberstorf I made it to the first place in qualification with a good jump. Sadly the next day it was narrowly not enough for a place on the podium. Nevertheless, I was happy about the fourth place – which would accompany me through the whole tournament. Gramisch is every year a difficult competition for me…and this year a cold also did not make it easier for me. Despite my illness I was all in all satisfied with my performance and could deliver a solid performance.

At the home competitions my motivation was much better. In Innsbruck the result of Garmisch was almost forgotten and I was happy about the fourth place after Lindvik (NOR), Kubacki (POL) and Tande (NOR).

In Bischofshofen the atmosphere was incredible this year and of course it is an indescribable feeling to perfrom on the hill in my home town and to feel the support of the fans – a event which surely every athlete would be happy about. With the support of my fans I “flew” on the first place in qualification. The next day during the competition I had to tremble until the last second, scratched sadly again past the third place.

All in all I finally made it to keep my consistency during my jumps and therefore reached a solid fifth place in the overall results. Of course I would have been happy about a place on the podium, but what do we like to say: After the tournament is before the tournament. And therefore my ambition increases for the next 4 Hills Tournament.

I congratulate the winner of the 68th 4 Hills Tournament David Kubacki – an incredible performance! Furthermore I want to thank all of my fans, who contributed, as every year, to this unique atmosphere during the tournament and always keep supporting me. I am looking forward to next year,