My 20th World Cup victory

World Cup victory number 20 and a hill record on a normal hill with hill size 97 m. If someone had told me that before this weekend, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Of course I felt really good after my home victory at the Kulm and I came with lots of self-confidence to Rasnov. But after rank 3 on Friday, it really was amazing to beat Karli on the next day. Because on the normal hill, Karl is nearly unbeatable with the form he is in right now. In the end, my jumps were just a little bit better as on the day before and I am just mega happy that it worked out so well.

I will try to keep it up like that in the upcoming weeks. Right now I am on a good run and ski jumping is a lot of fun. I will prepare for the competitions as good as possible every week and I will fight until the end. Karl jumps very strongly at the moment too and at the end of the season the better one will be up front on the very top.

I am now looking forward to the competitions in Lahti and hope that I can take my good form with me and show you how much fun ski jumping is for me at the moment.

Bye for now,

Your Krafti.



With my victory at the ski flying at Kulm I have fulfilled on of my dreams. Winning at home once, in front of the Austrian fans, my friends and family has been on my personal to-do list since a long time. I had to wait 18 World Cup victories, but the long waiting paid off big time. An indescribable feeling standing on top of the podium at home in Austria and hearing the national anthem.

On day one I was really content with the third place and my jumps felt very good. Only 3.9 points were lacking for the win. On day two my victory at home should be certain a little earlier and my “way down from the hill” a little different than actually planned. Emerging winds at the end of the second round made a completion of the competition impossible, which means the results from round one were the ones that counted. So as the halftime leader it was me who could smile from the winners’ podium in the end. Instead of flying with over 100 km/h I went down from the enormous hill in the clearly slower chairlift – but whatever, I have got my long awaited home victory!


Thanks a lot to all of you for the great support.

Next stop Rasnov – hill size 97 meters… Let’s see what will be possible there 😉


Ankündigung skifliegen am Kulm

Off we go to the ski flying at Kulm

It’s probably no secret that for me ski flying is the best form of our amazing sports. The time in the air, playing with the aerodynamic forces, the intense flight phase – all of these factors make my ski flying heart beat faster.

And when the ski flying even takes place in Austria in front of the home crowd, there’s basically everything there for an amazing flying weekend at the Kulm. With my bronze medal from the ski flying world championships at Kulm I have very good memories with this hill and am just really looking forward to the “flights”.

The way things stand everything looks good for a cool ski flying – also for me personally. After a quite turbulent weekend in Klingenthal I am fired up for jumps and flights at the Kulm and I will try to keep my consistency further on. I feel fit, I’m very motivated and hungry for the oncoming competitions.

So I’m really looking forward to a cool flying show with you at the Kulm,

Yours Krafti.