16.03.2020, Paul Ausserleitner Schanze, Bischofshofen, AUT, FIS Weltcup Ski Sprung, im Bild Weltcup und Skiflug Gesamtsieger Stefan Kraft posiert mit den zwei Kristallkugeln bei einem Fototermin. // World cup and Ski Flying overall winner Stefan Kraft poses with the two world cup Crystal Globes for Photos at the Paul Ausserleitner Hill, Bischofshofen, Austria on 2020/03/16. EXPA Pictures © 2020, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ JFK

Overall World Cup victory No. 2… Unbelievable

After my first Overall World Cup victory I thought, you have to enjoy the moment now because who knows if this ever happens again. It is unbelievable that this now happened again. An Overall Worldcup Victory is something really big and special because the performance of the whole season counts and the work of a whole year is dedicated to that. Besides that, many Ups and Downs, tough times, wonderful moments and many, many emotions… Also, this years Victory came along with all those emotions and feelings.

To the outside, it may a bit easier than it actually is, there were some really turbulent weeks in this season as well. The autumn last year costed much energy and was really difficult for me. I had some doubts about myself because my jumps did not work out as I wanted to. But, I am proud and happy that, together with Patrick Murnig and the whole trainer team we could fix the problems and now it is even more beautiful, that everything worked out so well.

Clearly, you cannot compare these two victories, in Planica everything was “fresh” after my Jump in the finish area I knew I made it now and that I won the globe. I das tears in my eyes, the feelings were overwhelming, and it was the most emotional moment of my career. This years title was different in the atmosphere, completely different. After the cancellation of the events in Vikersund, I “suddenly” was Overall Worldcup Winner, the globes came from the FIS to my home ski club in Bischofshofen. There at the hill, I received the globes with jus little people around. Never the less, I am really happy that everything worked out once more. It could be seen, that in such times there are things, way more important than sport. Health is our greatest asset and I can totally understand the cancellations – always healthy and safety first. Of course, the Ski flying World championships would have been a ski flying spectacle I was really looking forward to, but without fans, this was not imageable for me and my colleagues. And if we can postpone it and do it when everything is over it is also a cool thing.

At this stage, I want to once again say a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me, who crossed their fingers and made all of this possible – Thanks.

Stay healthy and look after you and I hope, we will see each other soon back on the ski jumping hills all over the world.

Yours Krafti