Together through the time of Corona – #keepgoing

The last weeks and months were challenging ones for all of us. In the weeks after the season, when there are normally a lot of appointments, where we once again let pass by the season during interviews or on the TV and in newspapers, where we meet fans and write autographs are on the schedule, this year, staying at home was necessary.

A staying at home which somehow felt weird for all of us, but considering the circumstances, it was inevitably necessary. To that, the balcony and terrace were quickly changed to the “Gold-Beach”, instead of the sea there were garden showers and mountains, the Mediterranean cuisine was replaced by myself as the chef on the grill and the oven. And I think, it was more than important that we all followed the guidelines and still continue to do so. Our health is the most important thing we have in life and we should carefully look after it.

During this time I was able to do a lot of things in my flat and also my cellar was more than happy about the (overdue) cleaning cure. 😉 Besides cooking a little, also more and more balance workouts, units on my home trainer. jumping-power exercises and workouts started to come back on my daily schedule.

But, I am really looking forward to my daily routine coming back step by step and to the training together with my teammates. Even though we also have to consider the guidelines set (including distances etc.) we can train together. We already the one or other base training, and although it felt weird wearing a mask, it was great to see the boys. Clearly, I am really looking forward to the first jumps on the hill – and even if this may probably still take some time, I look forward to flying again.

I really hope, you and your families are doing well and that you got through the time together. Keep your heads up high then also this time will pass by and we hopefully see each other soon on the jumping hills again.

Take care and stay safe,