Salzburg, 2020 Foto: wildbild, Herbert Rohrer

Salzburg’s sportsman of the year – THANK YOU

I am truly passionate about Salzburg with my heart and soul. The nature, the people, the tradition – everything amazes me in this small province. Salzburg also has many amazing sportsmen, which deliver great results and move the whole Sportsworld. If I am then in the lucky position to represent all of them and their results, by being awarded Salzburg’s sportsman of the year and taking home the “golden lion”, this feels simply amazing. I am more than proud of receiving the great Leonidas for the second time already. High above the roofs of Salzburg, the ambience was, even though the current situation, honouring and a great pleasure for me.
I wanted to take the chance to say „Thank You“ to all people, who made this possible and supported me. To every single one who supports me throughout the season, and who made this special ceremony possible.
Yours Krafti.