Skydiving with the JumpandReach family

Last Tuesday, I and the entire JumpandReach family were aiming high. As a guest at HSV Red Bull Salzburg, skydiving in great weather was on the program that day. I’ve already done 2 tandem jumps, but the feeling is always overwhelming. We ski jumpers should be used to the altitude, playing with the air and a certain adrenaline rush (at least that’s what you think) but when the door opens at 4000 meters and the wind whistles in your ears, then the serenity is over very quickly 😉

Starting directly from Hangar 8, we went up to over 4000 meters and then enjoyed 50 seconds in free fall, with a fantastic view of home, the beautiful surroundings and far beyond Salzburg. The feeling when you jump out of the plane cannot be described, it has to be experienced. I could even imagine that this could become some kind of hobby for me in the next few years and maybe after my career, but in any case you could get a little addicted to that kick and feeling in the air.

I wish you nice, hopefully summery days.

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