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Bye bye summer, hello autumn

The summer has slowly but surely turned its back on us and we are in the middle of autumn, in the middle of the last phase of preparation for a new, very exciting season. The vacation is behind me, I traditionally put in a few quieter days in August and am already looking forward to what is coming in the next months.

At the moment it is difficult for us ski jumpers to say where we stand in comparison. Due to the current situation, we have very few or no opportunities for a competition and that simply makes personal assessment more difficult.

If you then have the opportunity for a competition, it is difficult to get into the competition rhythm or to keep it. But it’s the same for everyone at the moment, so it’s just a matter of collecting a few more flight miles until the start of the season and getting into the rhythm. I hope my back doesn’t cause me too many problems here, even if it tweaks again and again, but we are working well on it and I will make sure that I can travel painlessly – that is the most important thing.

In addition to many trainings and the one or other course with the team (finally we are out with the team more often again 😉) I had the honor of being a guest at “Willkommen Österreich” a few days ago and was training my laughing muscles there J With the necessary dose of humor and a good balance between good and properly timed training units, we are now entering the last phase before the new season.

I am motivated and am looking forward to the feeling of competition and good jumps again.

In the meantime, thanks for your support,