Gemeinsame Wanderung mit sportbegeisterten Kindern - Hiking with some sports enthusiastic kids

“Family meeting” at the JumpandReach for friends

In summer it was finally that time again. The annual JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld was on the agenda. Getting together with the whole JumpandReach family and doing something together is always fun. :)

The hike on the first day was really cool. We went to the Hocheggalm with a lot of sports enthusiastic kids. The weather was perfect and the joy of the kids was also really inspiring. Especially at spikeball and frisbee the energy of the kids was visible. It’s always nice to be able to answer all the curious questions and give something back to the young generation. And the snacks and Kaiserschmarrn on the alp were of course also a highlight. 😉

In the evening we continued with a medal ceremony and celebratory dinner in a small setting. The JumpandReach family brought home a total of eight medals from the World Championships in Oberstdorf! Of course I am proud that I could contribute three medals with my gold, silver and bronze, but I am also extremely happy with Michi, Chiara and Jo about their great successes. After this extraordinary and very special season with some ups and downs, this family get-together was even nicer. The team spirit was strengthened by workshops on the last day.

The JumpandReach for friends was as always worth the trip. The three days went by really fast because of the great atmosphere and I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again. But now I am already in the middle of the preparations for the Olympic season and I am of course fully motivated! :)

We will hear each other again soon