VAL DI FIEMME,ITALY,11.JAN.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, normal hill. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner

After Christmas is before 4hills :) :) :)

I hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoyed the time. For me, Christmas was of course also in the smallest of circles with my parents. Of course, there were also a few “biscuits” and good food over Christmas – that’s just part of it for me. The bottom line is that I enjoyed the two days in which not everything revolves around the body and ski jumping. Now it can start.

The last days …
A lot has happened in the last few days since Planica. I have had a lot of therapy and have discussed a lot and reworked my guidelines. That means that my personal concept and my plans for the coming weeks and the season have been completely redesigned and adapted. The focus is clearly on my body and my health and I have already tried day after day to get the best out of it – treat pain, relieve tension, take up physical training, etc. As I said, during a ski jumping season, with competitions, at least during every weekend until March you don’t have much free space to look at your body. BUT it must and will be my goal to keep that in focus. At the moment, I feel I’m on the right path, according to the circumstances, I’m well prepared and have a good plan, BUT it will be pretty certain that I’ll skip 1-2 weekends after the tour to work on my stability. The “yellow jersey” is already out of reach this year (with my current score ;-)), and so I would like to make sure that I get to the World Cup in Oberstdorf as physically fit as possible.

Jumps as a “lucky bag”
The couple of jumps on the hill in Seefeld before Christmas were really good for the “feeling”. THAT was the plan to go back to a hill for a while. Just to feel how the body reacts and of course to check again whether ski jumping is still working 😉 The most IMPORTANT thing remains the body, now and for the next few weeks and until the end of the season. That is the absolute focus. If the body is not feeling well, I cannot jump well and focused. For this reason, it is also important for me to convey once again: I will remain a lucky bag this season! -> I can be very good, BUT it can also suddenly happen that I am prevented from participating at all! => Planica has confirmed exactly what I said aloud before the season.

The myth of the 4Hills tournament – and this time no fans in the stadium
In summary, I come a bit like a “Nackapatzl” to one of THE big events in ski jumping. I just miss jumps, a certain competition rhythm. I’ll just try to find a good balance and then we’ll see where the journey goes. The rhythm of the competition is one thing, the atmosphere is another. What makes us all sad, of course, is that such a spectacle has to take place without spectators and fans. We are all aware that this is the only way to do it, but we are missing an essential part that makes up the 4Hills. With an “Eisei” performing like this at the moment, the Germans would probably tear down the hut in Oberstdorf and Garmisch even more than usual, completely “go crazy” and jumping in Austria without fans is a very special atmosphere. But times will come again and we will enjoy it all the more when the fans carry us down again.

Goals, favourites, our team AND Michl …
As far as the goals for the tour are concerned, these are of course completely different than in recent years. It would be really unrealistic if I saw it differently. Nevertheless, I will give everything, as always. I will simply try to do ski jumping, take everything in and build up and keep the tension under competitive conditions. I’m just happy that I can be part of this “myth” 4Hills tournament – that is and will remain special.

Germans, Norwegians, Poles – they are all strong again. Nevertheless, we must not be written off 😉 Hubi, Michi and the others – we will definitely give everything. Above all, I’m looking forward to seeing Michl again – we’ve already seen a lot together over the past few years. But the last few weeks have shown me again how important it is to have a buddy by your side who fights with you. It’s better together than alone AND above all, it’s funnier! We haven’t seen each other for a long time anyway ;-). We will stick together again, no matter what.

I’m looking forward to the 4hills and the competitions, THANK YOU for crossing your fingers and hopefully see you soon,