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Salzburg’s sportsman of the year – THANK YOU

I am truly passionate about Salzburg with my heart and soul. The nature, the people, the tradition – everything amazes me in this small province. Salzburg also has many amazing sportsmen, which deliver great results and move the whole Sportsworld. If I am then in the lucky position to represent all of them and their […]

Together through the time of Corona – #keepgoing

The last weeks and months were challenging ones for all of us. In the weeks after the season, when there are normally a lot of appointments, where we once again let pass by the season during interviews or on the TV and in newspapers, where we meet fans and write autographs are on the schedule, […]

Overall World Cup victory No. 2… Unbelievable

After my first Overall World Cup victory I thought, you have to enjoy the moment now because who knows if this ever happens again. It is unbelievable that this now happened again. An Overall Worldcup Victory is something really big and special because the performance of the whole season counts and the work of a […]

My 20th World Cup victory

World Cup victory number 20 and a hill record on a normal hill with hill size 97 m. If someone had told me that before this weekend, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Of course I felt really good after my home victory at the Kulm and I came with lots of self-confidence to Rasnov. […]


With my victory at the ski flying at Kulm I have fulfilled on of my dreams. Winning at home once, in front of the Austrian fans, my friends and family has been on my personal to-do list since a long time. I had to wait 18 World Cup victories, but the long waiting paid off […]

Off we go to the ski flying at Kulm

It’s probably no secret that for me ski flying is the best form of our amazing sports. The time in the air, playing with the aerodynamic forces, the intense flight phase – all of these factors make my ski flying heart beat faster. And when the ski flying even takes place in Austria in front […]

A short review to the 68th 4 Hills tournament

As quick as I began, it’s over again: the 68th 4 Hills tournament is in the books. For me it was of course, like for every other ski jumper, THE highlight of the year and among other things had a lot of ups and downs. Like every year I started towards Oberstdorf with a huge […]

4 Hills tournament I am coming!

It’s incredible how fast time passes by. It’s December again, the new season is full in swing and the 4 Hills tournament is right around the corner. An exciting time for every ski jumper. So far I have been satisfied with my performance this weltcup – especially because may jumps gained in consistency. Of course […]

My 17th world cup victory

What a start in the season…after a lot of trembling and performances, which I have not always been satisfied with, I was now able to show a good accomplishment in Nizhny. Until December the season was full of varying performances. While I was not very satisfied about my performance in Wisla, I could come back […]

Final Countdown…

The clock is ticking and this year’s world cup season is right around the corner. Like very year, time passed by so fast during summer and the warm summer days were almost too fast to be over. The upcoming world cup start in Wisla, Poland, is already a little highlight in my ski jumping calendar, […]