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Training at home instead of ski jumping in Zakopane

It hurts the athlete’s soul if you won’t be with the team for a competition, BUT as I announced it, at the moment it feels like the right way to give the body a chance to regenerate and strengthen. As I can’t win the overall World Cup this year, at least this decision is a […]

After Christmas is before 4hills :) :) :)

I hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoyed the time. For me, Christmas was of course also in the smallest of circles with my parents. Of course, there were also a few “biscuits” and good food over Christmas – that’s just part of it for me. The bottom line is that I enjoyed the […]

Physical challenge and “surprise bag”

My examinations yesterday in Innsbruck were important, but did not bring any new knowledge regarding my back pain, which occurs again and again. From a medical point of view, structurally, I am not missing anything and I am healthy. It is simply a mixture of a small inflammation in the pelvic area, “tension” as a […]

Doesn’t work very well at the moment…

It is really dreadful at the moment. My plan and my concept for this and the coming days would have been great. I have seldom felt as comfortable on my first jump with at ski flying as I did right from the start here in Planica – it would have gone great with 239 meters. […]

Just wait and see… and drink tea

In the meantime, the corona virus has also caught me and it feels more than bitter at the moment to sit at home and watch ski jumping on TV – it simply hurts my ambitious athlete’s heart. Of course, I would have imagined the preparation for the Ski Flying World Championships completely different also and […]

Let’s go into a “special” season

This coming weekend we will start the World Cup season with the competitions in Wisla and the coming winter will undoubtedly be a “special” or even more unique one. On the one hand, Corona, but on the other hand the special preparation will play a major role too. The preparation actually started perfectly in spring. […]

Bye bye summer, hello autumn

The summer has slowly but surely turned its back on us and we are in the middle of autumn, in the middle of the last phase of preparation for a new, very exciting season. The vacation is behind me, I traditionally put in a few quieter days in August and am already looking forward to […]

Skydiving with the JumpandReach family

Last Tuesday, I and the entire JumpandReach family were aiming high. As a guest at HSV Red Bull Salzburg, skydiving in great weather was on the program that day. I’ve already done 2 tandem jumps, but the feeling is always overwhelming. We ski jumpers should be used to the altitude, playing with the air and […]

Finally again – training courses and JaR family meetings

In the last month, I was often asked what I was actually missing most during the Corona period. In addition to traveling, which is an important and nice compensation for me after the season, it is clearly meeting friends, teammates, training and spending time together. The training at home in the “home office” was okay […]