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Bye bye Bali, hello pre-season courses…

Just short time ago, I was lying on the beach of Bali, but soon the summer courses to prepare for the next season are starting. I really enjoyed my leisure time and my batteries are fully recharged now. During the first weeks after the season end there is always a lot to do but the […]

3 medals…

If someone told me in autumn that I would win three medals at our “Home-WCS” in Seefeld, I would probably call them crazy. It was a tough preparation to THE highlight of my career. A WCS in our home country you don’t experience many times – winning three medals there will cause emotional memories which […]

My personal final countdown to the Nordic Ski World championships in Seefeld and at the same time my way out of one of the hardest times in my career…

My personal final countdown to the Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld and at the same time my way out of one of the hardest times in my career… Only a few days are left. With the World Championship in Seefeld, Austria, an absolute highlight comes closer. To jump in front of your fans, to […]

Check out my new app!

Hello everyone, there is now a new cool app of me, with which you get the chance to get to know me even closer! Together with the app and my autograph card you can discover me as a 3D model! That’s how it works: Download the app, get my autograph card and get going 😉 […]

3 out of 4… this was my 4 hills tournament

Until you realize it, it’s already over again. The 4 hills tournament 2018/19 is history, and will be in ski jumpings’ history books forever because Ryoyu Kobayashi achieved what not many in our Sport did – winning all 4 competitions during one 4 hills tournament is unbelievable. Many congratulations Ryoyu, these are great moments for […]

Cookies, Christmas and 4 Hills Tournament

Time goes by so fast and faster as you can notice it’s December again, the ski jumping season already started and one of the greatest highlights of the season is just around the corner. As every year the tournament is one of the highlights and, beside the HOME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Seefeld, a huge event […]

Let’s start final preparation…

This summer has been a real challenge for me. I had to deal with my not consistent performance and was not quite satisfied with my achievement. Summer Grand Prix had its ups and downs for me and therefore was linked with a lot of emotions and energy. With the qualification in Hinterzarten I was very […]

New partnership with Breitling

Precision, style and performance signify for the Breitling Company. Breitling stands for team spirit and camaraderie, because as a group you can achieve a lot more than as a single person. Exactly these values are also a decisive part of success in sports. Also in ski-jumping, as a so-called “individual sports-man”, you work together with […]

JumpandReach for friends 2018

It just feels like yesterday when me and my ski jumping collegues from Austria, Norway, America and Canada were hitting some balls on the golf course. But time flies by and we’re in the middle of summer again. Summer also means that there’s a little time to get together with the JumpandReach-family, spend some time […]