Photo: GEPA pictures/ Thomas Bachun

A great start!

Christmas is just around the corner and somehow I have the feeling that the Christ Child has already stopped by. But everything in order …

We started our winter at the Austrian Championships in Bischofshofen and in Ramsau. There – contrary to my form curve in the past years – I managed to win the competition on the normal hill. That was really cool!

At the beginning of November, at the World Cup opener in Wisla, things went really well, with a third and a fifth place, I celebrated the best start to the season of my entire career. During the break for the World Soccer Championships I was able to improve my form even more and at the end of November in Ruka I finished second once and made it to the top of the podium once. Mega!
At the next stop in Titisee-Neustadt I did even better! In the mixed team competition Eva Pinkeling, Sara Marita Kramer, Michi Hayböck and I had a great day and won the exciting jumping competition. Especially for my roommate and friend Michi I was extremely happy about our joint victory. After his disc operation a year ago, he fought his way back into the World Cup team over the summer and with this victory he finally proved that he is once again a force to be reckoned with.

At this year’s Tournament the density of favourites will be extremely high, but I am looking forward to the jumps in Oberstdorf, Garmisch, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen. I don’t really count myself among the favourites, but together with my systemic coach Patrick Murnig I have made a good plan.

What makes me particularly happy is that this year there will finally be a tour with spectators in the stadiums again. It’s going to be extremely casual again, especially at the stops in Austria it’s going to be a real blast. I hope to see many of you there, we’re looking forward to your loud support!
But now Christmas is just around the corner, I will enjoy these days and spend a lot of time with my family.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, good health and a Happy New Year,
All my love,
your Krafti

JaR for friends

Sun, beach and a lot of fun!


I am back from my holiday! It was really cool to have a fine beach holiday again and Thailand was perfect :) We swam at the most amazing beaches, explored the Thai islands on foot and by motorbike, enjoyed the good food and just had a great time.

After my return, I went straight into training – the next winter will come for sure 😉 And then I was already looking forward to a Vienna weekend together with the JumpandReach family. On Saturday we visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral and were allowed to go all the way to the top of the tower on a special guided tour! It was really cool to look out from there and down on the city. The next day we started together at the “Wings for Life Worldrun”. It was really great to run with many top athletes and tens of thousands of enthusiastic amateur runners for those who can’t do it themselves.

After my birthday – THANK YOU for all the congratulations – I spent a few wonderful days in Tyrol and met up with the JumpandReach family in Seefeld. We celebrated JumpandReach’s 20th birthday there, where I met many “old” friends again and we spent a fun evening together. In the following days, we hiked to the Wettersteinhütte and visited an organic farm with some of the kids. The focus was on sustainability and raising the children’s awareness of healthy eating. It’s always great for me to motivate young people and perhaps be a role model for them.

Now, at the beginning of July, I am of course already in the middle of intensive preparations for the coming winter. We have a few training courses ahead of us and are already looking forward to the competitions we will be taking part in this summer.

But there are still a few weeks to go until then, but I’ll be in touch again in any case!

See you then 😉


Salzburg’s Sportsman of the Year for the 4th time! :)

Hello everyone,

after the really tremendous end of the season, I took some time at home to just let off steam and really enjoy the snow again. Ski tours and skiing were on the agenda, and of course the Kaiserschammn at the hut was never missing 😉

Especially the ski day with the JumpandReach family in the Hochzillertal ski area was another great experience. Finally this year it was possible to ski together in a big group and to sit together in the hut and catch up. I was really happy to see everyone again!

A few days later, the “Leonidas Gala” was on the agenda, which could also take place on site again, which was really cool. “Suit up” and off we went into the nice evening :) And then came the absolute highlight: I was again chosen as Salzburg’s sportsman of the year – what an honour! I am unbelievably happy that my achievements are being honoured in this way, even though there are many successful Salzburg athletes! It’s hard to believe that this is already my 4th golden lion, I could almost open a zoo 😀 One thing is for sure, this one will also get a place of honour.

Now I’m off on holiday soon, I’m already looking forward to it!

All the best and see you soon

PLANICA,SLOVENIA,26.MAR.22 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING, SKI FLYING - FIS World Cup, team event. Image shows the rejoicing of Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Matic Klansek

A crazy season is over!

What kind of season has this been for me? I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had ups and downs over the last few months, but in the end a lot of things have worked out and I can look back on some really cool experiences and a great season. And now I would like to review this with you. :)

Especially the first half of the season was an up and down of emotions for me. In the summer I had to fight with minor injuries and then I failed in the very first qualification of the winter. A little later, however, the first team victory and my first individual victory of the season followed, which was really cool. Unfortunately, I had my worst and most inconsistent phase during the 4 Hills, so my little World Cup break afterwards was very good for me. And then I won team gold with the boys at the Olympics in February, that really made up for everything. It was a really cool moment that I still remember very clearly!

After the gold medal, however, a lot changed for the better, I regained my form and things actually went steadily uphill. Directly after the Games, it continued just as brilliantly in Lahti with the next individual and team victory! After that, the Raw Air Tour was on the agenda in Norway. In Lillehammer I managed another victory and in Oslo I was able to jump on the podium in the individual and with the mixed team and was then able to cheer about my second Raw Air victory – a huge success!

Then I went ski flying – three weekends in a row, an absolute dream for me. The first highlight was the Ski Flying World Championships in Vikersund. Ski flying always makes my heart beat faster and on my world record hill even more! Even if my risk in the last flight was not rewarded, I am still very happy about the long flights and the bronze medal. However, it is a pity that it was not enough with the team… With some cool flights and podium places, perfect weather and a great atmosphere the last two weekends in Oberstdorf and Planica were a perfect end of the season and the third place in the Ski Flying World Cup rounded everything off perfectly. It was just so cool to put on a show on the biggest hills in the world and to collect some kilometers in the air 😉

After the first half of the season, this was really not to be expected, but it was once again – despite all the difficult phases – an incredibly successful season for me! All the training were absolutely worth it and I’m really grateful that I was able to experience it all. I was also really happy to finally jump in front of so many spectators again and to be able to soak up the cool atmosphere at the competitions.

In this sense I would like to thank again all my supporters and I am really looking forward to spring and summer. In the next few days, I go skiing,  the Leonidas Gala is on my plan, and then it’s vacation time!

All the best and I’m sure we’ll read again soon! 😉

Krafti :)

BEIJING,CHINA,15.FEB.22 - OLYMPICS - Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022. Image shows Daniel Huber, Jan Hoerl, Stefan Kraft and Manuel Fettner (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ OEOC - ATTENTION - FREE OF CHARGE FOR EDITORIAL USE

Olympic Champion!

I am back from Beijing since this week and I can tell you that it was really cool. Winning the gold medal in the last competition was the fulfillment of a childhood dream and therefore very special for me! But first things first. :)

In the weeks leading up to the Olympic Games, I worked hard and planned with my individual coach Patrick exactly how we would spend the days leading up to the Games to get back within striking distance to the top. After a few good jumps, my confidence grew again and I was looking forward to the adventure Olympic Games.

It was also a bit of an up and down emotionally. The hill in China is really cool and I could get used to it from the beginning. In the trainings it went quite well and partly also quite far – my shape showed upwards in any case. In the two individual competitions I was within striking distance to the top with the places 10 and 13, but unfortunately I couldn’t show my very best jumps. The mixed event was a bit bitter for the whole team, but in ski jumping it is often about nuances, where you have to move at the limit to be in the front – this time we were unfortunately not lucky.

After the first three competitions the focus was already on the team competition, which was always very good for me. I was really looking forward to the team competition and knew that there was a chance to take something home.

The fact that everything then really came together and we were able to win gold is of course wonderful!  My first thoughts were, “Did this really happen now? We really are Olympic champions!” I just felt an incredible gratitude to be able to experience this moment together. A team medal, especially in gold, is more emotional for me than an individual success. Everyone is simply even more delighted and the whole team is in a celebratory mood and extremely happy! The victory celebration was in accordance with that. We sang, the mood was simply overwhelming and we celebrated the gold properly 😉

Then, of course, it was very nice to come home again and I’m enjoying that now. I get to hold all my loved ones in my arms again and hug them tightly. They all had to cut back a bit in the weeks before the Olympics and had a lot to carry, because I really reduced my contacts to a minimum in order to not take any risks. And I was also happy about a Schnitzel from home. :)

But there’s not much time to celebrate, because the season continues soon. The rest of the World Cup schedule is still very tight and we will be on the road again for three weeks in a row. And then there is the ski flying at the end of the season. I hope I can keep my shape and show some long flights. Maybe we can also have a say at the skiflying world championships.

See you soon,

Krafti :)


The ups and downs of my season

It has been quite a while since I last informed you about my current situation. I used the last few days to clear my head a bit and to take a break from the World Cup. That’s why I thought now is a good time to bring you up to date. :)

But let’s start at the beginning of the year. As you have surely noticed, the Four Hills Tournament did not go according to my wishes. That’s why I look back on it with mixed feelings. The results were not so good and it was especially frustrating that my jumps lacked stability, self-confidence and self-evidence. It was also an extreme pity that the audience in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen could not be allowed after all, because I already miss the great atmosphere and the fans very much.

Fortunately, things went much better for my teammates during the Four Hills. Michi returned to the World Cup with a top 10 finish after his disk surgery and Daniel won his first World Cup competition! Knowing how hard the two of them worked to achieve this, I’m really happy for them. :)

After the Four Hills Tournament and the additional competition in Bischofshofen, I decided together with my coaches to take a little World Cup break. At the moment I am busy training, together with Michi in Ramsau and also in Bischofshofen. Besides the many jumps, there is also a lot of talking to get back on track. This has really cleared my head and my jumps are becoming more and more confident.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the World Cup this weekend in Titisee-Neustadt. We have been working on the right things for the last two weeks, so I am confident that everything will go well.

And after that there is only one more weekend before the Olympic Games start. I’m really looking forward to that as well, even though it will of course be completely different from the last time. Nevertheless, I’m already full of anticipation, because the Olympics are always something special and I’m really happy to be part of it.

Those were my main thoughts about the last few days since the Four Hills. As I said, I am really looking forward to my return to the World Cup and I really hope that you will continue to keep your fingers crossed for me.

Krafti :)

WISLA,POLAND,05.DEC.21 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, large hill, men. Image shows the rejoicing of Stefan Kraft(AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Wrofoto/ Piotr Hawalej - ATTENTION - NO USAGE RIGHTS FOR POLISH CLIENTS

The first part of the season is done!

The first part of the season with the jumps in Nizhny Tagil, Ruka, Wisla, Klingenthal and Engelberg are now completed with some ups and downs. Especially at the beginning of the season it is difficult because you don’t know where you stand and the first competitions are always a first comparison with the other athletes. And for me, the last few weeks have really brought everything, from podium finishes and victories to missed qualification. Overall, I am very satisfied, because I had a mixed summer preparation with a broken toe and torn ligaments in the ankle and could not always train as desired. So I was even more happy about the podium places, the team victory and especially the victory in the individual. The first competitions have shown me that I can definitely jump at the top and that I am on the right track.

But now I’m looking forward to the Christmas season and a few quiet days at home before the rush starts. I’m going to try to relax as much as possible, make myself a few comfortable days at home and celebrate in a very quiet way with my closest family and friends.  And a few cookies are allowed too 😉

And as we all know, after Christmas is before the four hills. I’m really looking forward to the first highlight of the season. The four hills tournament is always something special and the unique atmosphere is hard to put into words. It is also especially cool that at least a few spectators are allowed in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen. And then there are still two home World Cups in Bischofshofen on the program. Just thinking about it makes me feel really tingly. It’s going to be two really cool weeks.

I hope that you will keep your fingers crossed for me and be there in front of the TV or maybe even on site. With this in mind, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and good health. So, and now I’m going to put up my Christmas tree. 😉

Krafti :)

Krafti am Bergisel

Here we go!

Winter is just around the corner and with it finally the new season, which I’m looking forward to for a long time! :)

In the spring I have completely reorganized my training concept and further focused on my physical condition. I worked with some specialists on the process and have been able to make a more pain-free preparation in this area, as in the last two years. However, with a fractured toe and strained ligaments in my ankle, there were a few other aches and pains that didn’t necessarily make the summer preparation go completely smoothly.

Currently I feel quite good, but I just have to see how the next few weeks will develop athletically and physically. There is a complete lack of comparison with other nations in the summer.

In addition to the sporting preparations, for example the Austrian Championships, there were also numerous media appointments on the agenda in the last few weeks. And the unveiling of my wax figure at Madame Tussauds was a very special story. At the Austrian Championships it was once again great to feel the atmosphere of competition and I was quite satisfied with a 4th and a 3rd place.

And now it’s finally time for the World Cup to really start. I am really looking forward to the first competitions in Nizhny Tagil – even though it is always a long journey to Russia.  There are many highlights on the program this season: Four Hills Tournament, Olympic Games, Ski Flying World Championships and of course some competitions at home. Hopefully a few fans will be able to join us on site again, because I already miss the great atmosphere.

I am fully motivated and ready for the new season. I hope you will continue to keep your fingers crossed for me and be there in front of the TV. :)

Krafti 😉


My own wax figure at Madame Tussauds!

After a long wait, the time had finally come on October 4th. I was allowed to unveil my own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Vienna as the first ski jumper worldwide! That was a really cool feeling and makes me very proud, especially because I know that in the last few years an extremely large number of visitors at Madame Tussauds have asked for a figure of me. And it’s just an insane honor to suddenly stand next to so many famous personalities. The day of the unveiling was special, particularly when I was allowed to take the first look at my “doppelganger” – they already hit it quite well with my very concentrated gaze on the beam. :) I was especially happy that my longtime coach and companion Patrick gave such a wonderful laudation and told many of our shared moments – highs as well as lows – of the last years. :)

Not only the unveiling was a great experience, but it was also really interesting to witness the whole process in the background. Back in December 2019, we started measuring, which took three hours. Hundreds of photos and measurements were taken of me so that the wax figure would be as realistic as possible. The most difficult thing for me was to keep my concentrated look, because actually I like to laugh a lot. 😉 Also my eyes and hair were picked very precisely – the lady had countless different brown glass eyes and brown “tufts of hair” with her to really pick out the right ones! I also provided my jumping equipment consisting of a suit, helmet, gloves, yellow jersey and skis. It’s almost hard to believe how good and, above all, realistic my wax figure turned out. And the Bergisel backdrop also looks really cool. Nevertheless, it was almost a bit weird when I sat down next to my “twin” on the beam for the first time.

The wait until the unveiling was definitely worth it and it was certainly not the last time I visited my “double” at Madame Tussauds in Vienna!

Now, of course, the focus is already on the coming winter, there are only a few weeks left… Next weekend, the Austrian Championships in Stams and at the Bergisel are on the program, I’m already looking forward to it!

See you soon at the hill

Krafti :)

Gemeinsame Wanderung mit sportbegeisterten Kindern - Hiking with some sports enthusiastic kids

“Family meeting” at the JumpandReach for friends

In summer it was finally that time again. The annual JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld was on the agenda. Getting together with the whole JumpandReach family and doing something together is always fun. :)

The hike on the first day was really cool. We went to the Hocheggalm with a lot of sports enthusiastic kids. The weather was perfect and the joy of the kids was also really inspiring. Especially at spikeball and frisbee the energy of the kids was visible. It’s always nice to be able to answer all the curious questions and give something back to the young generation. And the snacks and Kaiserschmarrn on the alp were of course also a highlight. 😉

In the evening we continued with a medal ceremony and celebratory dinner in a small setting. The JumpandReach family brought home a total of eight medals from the World Championships in Oberstdorf! Of course I am proud that I could contribute three medals with my gold, silver and bronze, but I am also extremely happy with Michi, Chiara and Jo about their great successes. After this extraordinary and very special season with some ups and downs, this family get-together was even nicer. The team spirit was strengthened by workshops on the last day.

The JumpandReach for friends was as always worth the trip. The three days went by really fast because of the great atmosphere and I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again. But now I am already in the middle of the preparations for the Olympic season and I am of course fully motivated! :)

We will hear each other again soon