Gemeinsame Wanderung mit sportbegeisterten Kindern - Hiking with some sports enthusiastic kids

“Family meeting” at the JumpandReach for friends

In summer it was finally that time again. The annual JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld was on the agenda. Getting together with the whole JumpandReach family and doing something together is always fun. :)

The hike on the first day was really cool. We went to the Hocheggalm with a lot of sports enthusiastic kids. The weather was perfect and the joy of the kids was also really inspiring. Especially at spikeball and frisbee the energy of the kids was visible. It’s always nice to be able to answer all the curious questions and give something back to the young generation. And the snacks and Kaiserschmarrn on the alp were of course also a highlight. 😉

In the evening we continued with a medal ceremony and celebratory dinner in a small setting. The JumpandReach family brought home a total of eight medals from the World Championships in Oberstdorf! Of course I am proud that I could contribute three medals with my gold, silver and bronze, but I am also extremely happy with Michi, Chiara and Jo about their great successes. After this extraordinary and very special season with some ups and downs, this family get-together was even nicer. The team spirit was strengthened by workshops on the last day.

The JumpandReach for friends was as always worth the trip. The three days went by really fast because of the great atmosphere and I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again. But now I am already in the middle of the preparations for the Olympic season and I am of course fully motivated! :)

We will hear each other again soon


After the season is before the (Olympic) season

The past season is already history for a few days and after a few quiet (vacation) days at home, the training and thus the preparation has slowly but surely begun again for me. One or the other training with the team is already in my legs, the mood in the team is cool and we are busy sweating for the upcoming season, which has besides Olympic Games also 3(!!!) home jumps for us, which we are all looking forward to.

Besides the base trainings with the colleagues, the Wings for Life Run was on the schedule and on May 9th (Mother’s Day) I was part of the JumpandReach family team instead of just being there – even if only as a companion of my mom because my toe threw a wrench in my plans. But it is slwoly getting better in the meantime  😉

Before the first training course (Faak) starts in the middle of June, I had a cool day with the kids today. Since many years I like to participate in projects that get kids moving, and today’s “Kids Camp” was a lot of fun and I hope I could give the stars of tomorrow one or the other advice 😉

… and at this point thanks again for your numerous birthday wishes 😉

See you around,
your Krafti.

SALZBURG,AUSTRIA,30.MAR.21-WINTERSPORTS - Jump and Reach, photo shoot. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT).  keywords: medal. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Jasmin Walter

Bye bye season 20/21 👋

Up and down and up and down… that’s about how this season felt for me 😉 No joking aside, it was the expected challenging and difficult season for me. Right at the beginning Corona interfered a lot, then my back started to call at regular intervals and so one or the other thing came up that made it almost impossible to “get into the rhythm”. The preparation was also not ideal with very few jumps and so the omens for the season were simply uncertain.

And so I was on the move from week to week like a kind of “surprise packet” in the World Cup circus. From 32nd place at the start of the season in Wisla, my personal cancellation of the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica to the World Championship title and three medals in Oberstdorf, everything was there. I listened a lot to my body and focused on this balance between competition and regeneration.

In the end, I can look back on a really cool season with three medals and the one or the other cool result and jump and all in all I can be really satisfied. Apart from my individual omens and challenges, it was a special season for the entire ski jumping family and it’s no secret that we really missed the fans. That is also one of my biggest wishes for ski jumping that we can compete again next year in front of full crowds, raving fans and red-white-red flags.

Until then I wish you a good start into spring and summer, thank you for your support at home in front of the screens during the whole season,
stay healthy and we will read/hear us again,


OBERSTDORF,GERMANY,06.MAR.21 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, team event, large hill, men, award ceremony. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Keywords: medal. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram

THANK YOU Oberstdorf!!

If someone had told me that I would go home with 3 medals after the World Championships, I would have found it very hard to believe. My personal history around my back problems, Corona, etc. has simply not exactly contributed to the fact that I could have expected much.

Now I am standing there with 3 medals and I am just speechless and overjoyed. Gold in the individual, bronze in the mixed team and a silver with my teammates as a “grande finale”. It simply couldn’t have gone better for me. After the 4 hills tournament I focused everything on the World Championships – it’s wonderful that it worked out that way and I’m just happy that my back held up. That was of course the most important component.

Now I’m going home from Oberstdorf with a lot of great memories and I’m looking forward to having a few calmer days there. Oberstdorf was an absolute highlight despite the many difficult omens and the organizer has brought out everything that was possible and we can be happy that we could have this World Champs at all – THANK YOU for that!

After the World Championships is before Planica and it somehow feels like a kind of Christmas present that we are now allowed to ski fly for another five days at the end of the season. I am really looking forward to having this and I will enjoy it to the fullest.

Until then, thank you again for your cool support and your many positive messages and congratulations,


OBERSTDORF,GERMANY,05.MAR.21 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, large hill, men, award ceremony. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Keywords: medal. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Christian Walgram


I still don’t have the words to describe what happened today in Oberstdorf. With this history, the gold medal is wonderful and quite simply a dream for me. It is unbelievable that it happened like this. In Planica at the Ski Flying World Championships I couldn’t even put on my own socks – I was so far away. The fact that I’m standing there now, that I’m doing so well physically, I have to say THANK YOU to so many people for that. Together with Patrick, I aligned everything for the World Championships, the whole team around my coaches in the team rounded everything off perfectly and I already felt that if my back holds up, I can already be there with the music.

The fact that it worked out that way in this snow battle is insane. Every jump was like a unified whole and I really got into a flow. I was really nervous but it went well. The flow was there somehow and I knew what to do. I told myself that I can’t pull back now – I have to attack fully. There was such an energy inside the jump, it was so fun and it’s simply beautiful and incredible.

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who helped make this possible. Thank you to all you amazing fans out there for keeping your fingers crossed and for all the positive comments and feedback. THANK YOU! Tomorrow it’s on to the team competition with the boys and I’m really looking forward to competing there with the boys.

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed,


INNSBRUCK,AUSTRIA,02.JAN.21 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, Four Hills Tournament, large hill, qualification. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner

World Championships Oberstdorf here we go!

My wonder bag season goes on, as I said at the beginning of the season. It has always remained a kind of “challenge” for me to be somehow constantly there. The measures for my back problem have taken effect more and more. It is still my daily companion, but has gotten better and better. That means for me that the roller coaster continues, but the conditions are getting better and better 😉 This has also been shown in the past competitions.

For me, this means that I just have to keep the balance between strengthening the body and regeneration. The planning for this balance was really good and since 1, 2 weeks the ski jumping and the competition rhythm comes more and more into the foreground and I can already show very good jumps again. The last performance in Zakopane was partly really cool and I was very satisfied with 1x top ten and 1x top 5 and especially with the way I did it – it was a good step in the right direction.

After some hard times concerning my body in November, December I managed to stand at the World Championships in the best possible way and I did that – it can start :)

I will make good use of the rest days at Oberstdorf and really step on the gas on the competition days and then we will see what comes out of it 😉 … and of course I’m going to a World Championship to be there at the front and to fight for medals. But I have to leave the matter in the village and say clearly that this time others are the favourites. But we must not write us off, we will give everything, fight and present ourselves in the best possible way.

We will miss the flair a bit and we are sad that such a spectacle has to take place in our neighboring country without fans. All hell would break loose, but there’s nothing we can do. Nevertheless, it’s really cool that the organizers have put everything together and I’d like to say THANK YOU to them and all the fans at home who are cheering for us and keeping their fingers crossed.

See you soon,


INNSBRUCK,AUSTRIA,12.NOV.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - OESV, Oesterreichischer Ski Verband, training, men. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner

Training at home instead of ski jumping in Zakopane

It hurts the athlete’s soul if you won’t be with the team for a competition, BUT as I announced it, at the moment it feels like the right way to give the body a chance to regenerate and strengthen. As I can’t win the overall World Cup this year, at least this decision is a little easier … 😉

Not being there in Zakopane does not mean a break for me and is far from the idea of ​​simply putting my feet up. And it’s not a complaint either, because I know that many, many people are struggling with far worse problems. BUT I am not making the mistake of the last few months and keep telling myself “it will work, just go on”, but now I have to subordinate the priorities to my body, even if it really hurts the athlete’s soul.

The situation during and after the Ski Flying World Championships, when even climbing upstairs caused me pain, was enough to point out to me that it’s time and now I absolutely have to listen to my body. Especially since ski jumping is still a dangerous sport in itself and you should be fit on the hill. I use this time gap to regenerate and to work on my body and to strengthen it. For this I have a precise personal plan every day, a precise program in which I work every day, sometimes with different specialists from different areas.

In the coming days, for example, special training blocks will also focus on addressing muscle groups that you normally don’t even know as a ski jumper. On the one hand, there are physiotherapies and various training sessions that are generally aimed at “fundamental” strengthening. In addition to a few additional therapy units, I will certainly look for a small unit on a hill one day. The challenge is to keep the ski jumping rhythm. Everyone who has something to do with low back pain knows that it can be a tough thing. Imbalances and/or tensions that have built up over the years and thus “grown” cannot disappear overnight.

The bottom line is that every single day, every training session, every therapy should be a step in the direction that I can get this problem with my back under control (in the long term) and as I said, that will certainly continue beyond this year’s season. I’ll do my “homework”, keep my fingers crossed for the boys in Zakopane and then I want to be back in Lahti next week. We’ll see each other again soon, please keep your fingers crossed that my path is the right one and that this balancing act will work.

Yours Krafti.

VAL DI FIEMME,ITALY,11.JAN.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, normal hill. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Patrick Steiner

After Christmas is before 4hills :) :) :)

I hope you had a nice Christmas and enjoyed the time. For me, Christmas was of course also in the smallest of circles with my parents. Of course, there were also a few “biscuits” and good food over Christmas – that’s just part of it for me. The bottom line is that I enjoyed the two days in which not everything revolves around the body and ski jumping. Now it can start.

The last days …
A lot has happened in the last few days since Planica. I have had a lot of therapy and have discussed a lot and reworked my guidelines. That means that my personal concept and my plans for the coming weeks and the season have been completely redesigned and adapted. The focus is clearly on my body and my health and I have already tried day after day to get the best out of it – treat pain, relieve tension, take up physical training, etc. As I said, during a ski jumping season, with competitions, at least during every weekend until March you don’t have much free space to look at your body. BUT it must and will be my goal to keep that in focus. At the moment, I feel I’m on the right path, according to the circumstances, I’m well prepared and have a good plan, BUT it will be pretty certain that I’ll skip 1-2 weekends after the tour to work on my stability. The “yellow jersey” is already out of reach this year (with my current score ;-)), and so I would like to make sure that I get to the World Cup in Oberstdorf as physically fit as possible.

Jumps as a “lucky bag”
The couple of jumps on the hill in Seefeld before Christmas were really good for the “feeling”. THAT was the plan to go back to a hill for a while. Just to feel how the body reacts and of course to check again whether ski jumping is still working 😉 The most IMPORTANT thing remains the body, now and for the next few weeks and until the end of the season. That is the absolute focus. If the body is not feeling well, I cannot jump well and focused. For this reason, it is also important for me to convey once again: I will remain a lucky bag this season! -> I can be very good, BUT it can also suddenly happen that I am prevented from participating at all! => Planica has confirmed exactly what I said aloud before the season.

The myth of the 4Hills tournament – and this time no fans in the stadium
In summary, I come a bit like a “Nackapatzl” to one of THE big events in ski jumping. I just miss jumps, a certain competition rhythm. I’ll just try to find a good balance and then we’ll see where the journey goes. The rhythm of the competition is one thing, the atmosphere is another. What makes us all sad, of course, is that such a spectacle has to take place without spectators and fans. We are all aware that this is the only way to do it, but we are missing an essential part that makes up the 4Hills. With an “Eisei” performing like this at the moment, the Germans would probably tear down the hut in Oberstdorf and Garmisch even more than usual, completely “go crazy” and jumping in Austria without fans is a very special atmosphere. But times will come again and we will enjoy it all the more when the fans carry us down again.

Goals, favourites, our team AND Michl …
As far as the goals for the tour are concerned, these are of course completely different than in recent years. It would be really unrealistic if I saw it differently. Nevertheless, I will give everything, as always. I will simply try to do ski jumping, take everything in and build up and keep the tension under competitive conditions. I’m just happy that I can be part of this “myth” 4Hills tournament – that is and will remain special.

Germans, Norwegians, Poles – they are all strong again. Nevertheless, we must not be written off 😉 Hubi, Michi and the others – we will definitely give everything. Above all, I’m looking forward to seeing Michl again – we’ve already seen a lot together over the past few years. But the last few weeks have shown me again how important it is to have a buddy by your side who fights with you. It’s better together than alone AND above all, it’s funnier! We haven’t seen each other for a long time anyway ;-). We will stick together again, no matter what.

I’m looking forward to the 4hills and the competitions, THANK YOU for crossing your fingers and hopefully see you soon,



WISLA,POLAND,22.NOV.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, large hill, men. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Wrofoto/ Piotr Hawalej - ATTENTION - NO USAGE RIGHTS FOR POLISH CLIENTS

Physical challenge and “surprise bag”

My examinations yesterday in Innsbruck were important, but did not bring any new knowledge regarding my back pain, which occurs again and again. From a medical point of view, structurally, I am not missing anything and I am healthy. It is simply a mixture of a small inflammation in the pelvic area, “tension” as a whole and therefore a structural overload. For this reason, the body may react from time to time. It will stay that way this season as well.

Right now, my body is still sending negative signals and I don’t want to take the risk that it will get worse right now. For this reason, I will no longer travel to Planica for the team competition. It’s disappointing for me personally because of course I want to help my team too. But now I have to look at my health and listen to my body. It is of no use to me or the team if I have problems again after a round and then I am standing there and the team is missing a jumper.

I will stay at home now and I have already been working on my physical challenge since this morning. For this I already completed a therapy unit this morning. So, the clear goal is to do everything possible to return to the World Cup in Engelberg with a more stable, physical condition. In conclusion, I can only emphasize what I have tried to explain in the last few days: namely, that this season I will remain a “surprise bag” (actually very good, but unfortunately sometimes suddenly condemned to watch) and depending on the season, I have to see how my body plays along.

This physical challenge is just special and difficult to handle. Yesterday’s medical check confirmed that I am well looked after and that I am working professionally with my existing environment. I will continue to try to work consistently to improve the situation. It won’t be easy and this topic will certainly stay with me for some time (even beyond the season).

I have now tried to convey everything that is important and ask for your understanding that I will hold back from making statements in this direction in the near future.
All the best,


WISLA,POLAND,21.NOV.20 - NORDIC SKIING, SKI JUMPING - FIS World Cup, large hill, men, team competition. Image shows Stefan Kraft (AUT). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Wrofoto/ Piotr Hawalej - ATTENTION - NO USAGE RIGHTS FOR POLISH CLIENTS

Doesn’t work very well at the moment…

It is really dreadful at the moment. My plan and my concept for this and the coming days would have been great. I have seldom felt as comfortable on my first jump with at ski flying as I did right from the start here in Planica – it would have gone great with 239 meters.

Apparently, it just doesn’t want to be right now. First Corona, now my back reports with the same problem as in summer. I’ve actually got the physical history of my back under control quite well. However, it seems that after these two weeks without burden and without training, the body reacted again.

That now shows and unfortunately also confirms what I said 4 or 5 weeks ago, namely that I will remain a “surprise bag” this season and that I have to see how my body plays along with this strict program.

I will continue to try to get a grip on this physical story – on the one hand it is about structural issues and also “tensions”. For this reason I will have this clarified by a doctor in Innsbruck today and everything else will be revealed.

It is not yet clear whether I will be able to compete in the team competition on Sunday – the next two days will tell.

Bye for now,

Yours Krafti.