My 20th World Cup victory

World Cup victory number 20 and a hill record on a normal hill with hill size 97 m. If someone had told me that before this weekend, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Of course I felt really good after my home victory at the Kulm and I came with lots of self-confidence to Rasnov. But after rank 3 on Friday, it really was amazing to beat Karli on the next day. Because on the normal hill, Karl is nearly unbeatable with the form he is in right now. In the end, my jumps were just a little bit better as on the day before and I am just mega happy that it worked out so well.

I will try to keep it up like that in the upcoming weeks. Right now I am on a good run and ski jumping is a lot of fun. I will prepare for the competitions as good as possible every week and I will fight until the end. Karl jumps very strongly at the moment too and at the end of the season the better one will be up front on the very top.

I am now looking forward to the competitions in Lahti and hope that I can take my good form with me and show you how much fun ski jumping is for me at the moment.

Bye for now,

Your Krafti.



With my victory at the ski flying at Kulm I have fulfilled on of my dreams. Winning at home once, in front of the Austrian fans, my friends and family has been on my personal to-do list since a long time. I had to wait 18 World Cup victories, but the long waiting paid off big time. An indescribable feeling standing on top of the podium at home in Austria and hearing the national anthem.

On day one I was really content with the third place and my jumps felt very good. Only 3.9 points were lacking for the win. On day two my victory at home should be certain a little earlier and my “way down from the hill” a little different than actually planned. Emerging winds at the end of the second round made a completion of the competition impossible, which means the results from round one were the ones that counted. So as the halftime leader it was me who could smile from the winners’ podium in the end. Instead of flying with over 100 km/h I went down from the enormous hill in the clearly slower chairlift – but whatever, I have got my long awaited home victory!


Thanks a lot to all of you for the great support.

Next stop Rasnov – hill size 97 meters… Let’s see what will be possible there 😉


Ankündigung skifliegen am Kulm

Off we go to the ski flying at Kulm

It’s probably no secret that for me ski flying is the best form of our amazing sports. The time in the air, playing with the aerodynamic forces, the intense flight phase – all of these factors make my ski flying heart beat faster.

And when the ski flying even takes place in Austria in front of the home crowd, there’s basically everything there for an amazing flying weekend at the Kulm. With my bronze medal from the ski flying world championships at Kulm I have very good memories with this hill and am just really looking forward to the “flights”.

The way things stand everything looks good for a cool ski flying – also for me personally. After a quite turbulent weekend in Klingenthal I am fired up for jumps and flights at the Kulm and I will try to keep my consistency further on. I feel fit, I’m very motivated and hungry for the oncoming competitions.

So I’m really looking forward to a cool flying show with you at the Kulm,

Yours Krafti.


A short review to the 68th 4 Hills tournament

As quick as I began, it’s over again: the 68th 4 Hills tournament is in the books. For me it was of course, like for every other ski jumper, THE highlight of the year and among other things had a lot of ups and downs.

Like every year I started towards Oberstdorf with a huge anticipation. With my previous results I was very satisfied and especially because of my victory in December in Nizhny I felt perfectly prepared for the upcoming tournament.

Like in the past year, the competitions couldn’t have started better: In Oberstorf I made it to the first place in qualification with a good jump. Sadly the next day it was narrowly not enough for a place on the podium. Nevertheless, I was happy about the fourth place – which would accompany me through the whole tournament. Gramisch is every year a difficult competition for me…and this year a cold also did not make it easier for me. Despite my illness I was all in all satisfied with my performance and could deliver a solid performance.

At the home competitions my motivation was much better. In Innsbruck the result of Garmisch was almost forgotten and I was happy about the fourth place after Lindvik (NOR), Kubacki (POL) and Tande (NOR).

In Bischofshofen the atmosphere was incredible this year and of course it is an indescribable feeling to perfrom on the hill in my home town and to feel the support of the fans – a event which surely every athlete would be happy about. With the support of my fans I “flew” on the first place in qualification. The next day during the competition I had to tremble until the last second, scratched sadly again past the third place.

All in all I finally made it to keep my consistency during my jumps and therefore reached a solid fifth place in the overall results. Of course I would have been happy about a place on the podium, but what do we like to say: After the tournament is before the tournament. And therefore my ambition increases for the next 4 Hills Tournament.

I congratulate the winner of the 68th 4 Hills Tournament David Kubacki – an incredible performance! Furthermore I want to thank all of my fans, who contributed, as every year, to this unique atmosphere during the tournament and always keep supporting me. I am looking forward to next year,



4 Hills tournament I am coming!

It’s incredible how fast time passes by. It’s December again, the new season is full in swing and the 4 Hills tournament is right around the corner. An exciting time for every ski jumper.

So far I have been satisfied with my performance this weltcup – especially because may jumps gained in consistency. Of course you can always improve, but I think it’s a good base for the upcoming tournament. Especially the victory in Nizhny Tagil, in Russia, encourages me for the following competitions. Also with my two places on the podium in Engelberg and Klingenthal I am confident about the next competitions. A good sign for the 68th 4 Hills Tournament.

In only a few days qualification in Oberstdorf and then I know I have to give everything! My personal goal is to begin the tournament with a good start, hold my consistency and gain in security. Especially because of the competition in Garmisch I am very excited – let’s just say our relationship never has been the best one 😉 Therefore I hope I will not repeat my last year’s result.

But before the tournament starts I am looking forward to enjoying Christmas. It is my most favourite time of the year. I spend my holidays traditionally with my family, my girlfriend and delicious food.

I am already looking forward to a hopefully unforgettable and successful tournament with you.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Krafti_Nizhny Tagil

My 17th world cup victory

What a start in the season…after a lot of trembling and performances, which I have not always been satisfied with, I was now able to show a good accomplishment in Nizhny.

Until December the season was full of varying performances. While I was not very satisfied about my performance in Wisla, I could come back to my usual shape in Ruka, Finland. Nizhny therefore of course is the high point of the start in this season. In spite of bad wind conditions, I could holt the consistency in my jumps and was happy about two top-jumps about 140 and 134,5 meters and the gold medal!

With this great results I am, of course, looking forward to the tournament with a lot of motivation. Nevertheless, I will give everything during the next training, because at the tournament the dices will be thrown again.

I keep you up.


Krafti news

Final Countdown…

The clock is ticking and this year’s world cup season is right around the corner. Like very year, time passed by so fast during summer and the warm summer days were almost too fast to be over.

The upcoming world cup start in Wisla, Poland, is already a little highlight in my ski jumping calendar, because hardly somewhere else the fans are as positively crazy and fanatic when it comes to ski jumping.

Preparation felt pretty good for me and the Austrian Championship definitely went better than last year… 😀 This year I consciously changed one ore the other thing to be prepared the best way for the new season. Last season really claimed a lot of strength and energy and especially therefore I had an extra-long holiday, longer than I usually have. First I was in Bali with Marisa and for a good close with Michi and Pati 5 days in Italy. There I have, among other things like for example eating great pizza, doing a little bit of sport and some cultural program, discussed my concept for summer and autumn with Patrick.

Beside a great holiday I finally made it to see Domi Thiem live. I visited him at the ATP tournament and watched his matches – it was really a unique happening. In addition to my every year’s visit at the Electric Love Festival I was also a lot outside in nature, at the Sportlergala with the JumpandReach family and of course also watched Red Bull Salzburg in the stadium –  which is simply a must every year 😉

Physically I feel fit, I have my thigh under control and my jumping technique feels good. Nevertheless, this means nothing for the upcoming season – in Wisla everything starts at point zero and the match with wind, material and hill starts again.

The last days we were sun bathing together with the team in Cyprus and of course worked on our strength ability.

Innsbruck and Gramisch are the next stops for our training course and I really look forward to the start in a new season. Thanks in advance for your great support at the spot and in front of the TV,



JumpandReach for friends 2019

Time flies… It seems like yesterday, when I have been at Zillertal with my ski jumping colleagues and now JumpandReach for friends starts again with the whole JumpandReach family. Nearly 4 months ago Seefeld was the hotspot for all of us. Coming here together in a peaceful atmosphere, looking back to winter season and spending time together, was really great for me.

One personal highlight for me was the pizza dinner with the kids on Friday evening. I am every time very surprised how thoughtful the kids choose their questions and how they exactly know what they want. This light-heartedness and motivation at the same time, which the kids have, is really admirable.

The following Saturday most of us were confronted with something totally new: fishing. Fishing at Weidachsee in Leutasch was really wonderful and a new experience for me. I really enjoyed being in nature, the panorama and the peaceful atmosphere. In the matter of fishing I could not keep up with Michi, but at the end I could make the one or other catch 😉

The fish were cooked directly on the spot for us and were a delicious meal – a unique experience. In the afternoon “silence” was over – on the go-cart track in Innsbruck pure action was on the program and it was awesome. At the end I was quite satisfied with my ranking even though we could not keep up with the Nordic combinators…but it was still a lot of fun.

Since everyone knows go-cart driving makes hungry (at least I think so), we returned to our Hotel Klosterbräu and after a little aperitif a delicious dinner was waiting for us. With a little glass of wine, we celebrated our medals from Seefeld and we could look back together to the home world championship in Seefeld.

As every year the JumpandReach for friends has been a great come together and I am already looking forward to next year. I also begin to look out for summer season and Summer Grand Prix and I am excited about the first jumps.

Wish you all a great summer,



 (Planned) Rematch at the Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy

As every year I have been looking forward to Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy. To play golf together with my ski jumping colleagues is every year a highlight in my calendar and therefore a great alternation for all of us. During an awesome, relaxing game, we were able to talk to each other, which is not that easily possible during winter season. Already an evening before the match started, we had the chance to exchange news and make plans for next day’s Golf Trophy 😉. Alex Stöckl and Christian Meyer performed a great “private concert” and therefore contributed to a great flair this evening – it was great.

Now about Golf Trophy: After seeing the Norges winning the title last year, we could not let go on a rematch. My performance on the green sadly did not contribute too much to that… At the end the Norges defended their title and won the Trophy already the second time.

Of course, as every year, the exchange between the athletes is the most important thing about Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy. Nevertheless, I could not let go on my ambition 😉. During my round with Maren Lundby and Johann Forfang we had a lot of fun and challenged us from hole to hole and also had a lot to talk about beside ski jumping, which we really enjoyed.

The day ended with a lunch of all the participants of the Golf Trophy. As very year it was a great day with great people and perfect weather. I am already looking forward to next year and therefore hope to improve my golfing! J

For us the preparation for next season starts. We have two training sessions, one in Bischofshofen and one in Faak, which I enjoy every year.

Hear you soon and best wishes,



Bye bye Bali, hello pre-season courses…

Just short time ago, I was lying on the beach of Bali, but soon the summer courses to prepare for the next season are starting.

I really enjoyed my leisure time and my batteries are fully recharged now. During the first weeks after the season end there is always a lot to do but the last weeks I really enjoyed. In April, I went to Bali with my girlfriend for about two weeks and I soaked up the nice atmosphere there – we really enjoyed it.

The people there, the food, the beaches and the nature, this all together seems like the paradise. I also tried surfing there, but with those waves it’s not easy at all ;-). Soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying was our plan, and I am pretty sure that this wasn’t my last time on this dream island.

My batteries are now completely full, and I am ready for the summer courses and many training sessions at the “Heeressportzentrum” in Salzburg/Rif. I’m looking forward to it, I am ready.

Until then,