Bye bye Bali, hello pre-season courses…

Just short time ago, I was lying on the beach of Bali, but soon the summer courses to prepare for the next season are starting.

I really enjoyed my leisure time and my batteries are fully recharged now. During the first weeks after the season end there is always a lot to do but the last weeks I really enjoyed. In April, I went to Bali with my girlfriend for about two weeks and I soaked up the nice atmosphere there – we really enjoyed it.

The people there, the food, the beaches and the nature, this all together seems like the paradise. I also tried surfing there, but with those waves it’s not easy at all ;-). Soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying was our plan, and I am pretty sure that this wasn’t my last time on this dream island.

My batteries are now completely full, and I am ready for the summer courses and many training sessions at the “Heeressportzentrum” in Salzburg/Rif. I’m looking forward to it, I am ready.

Until then,


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Second Place in Overall World Cup, 3 medals at the home world championship… A short review to the season 18/19

With the season 18/19 another very victorious season belongs to the past. A season, which had a lot of challenges in its preparation. A preparation, which I can call the hardest time of my career. A season, which showed me as an athlete one more time a lot of highlights.

Of course, the preparation as well as the competition season itself had the focus on the Nordic Ski World Championship in Seefeld and therefore on THE highlight of this year.

My start in the season was somehow equal to my difficult preparation. My consistency has been a barely seen guest and the first jumps were not that easy for me. After many ups and downs the first highlight of the season showed up – 4 hills tournament. This should be a great tournament for me and the typical “prickling” in Oberstdorf caught me from the beginning. With my 3rd place in Oberstdorf, a (sadly already known) failure in Garmisch, 2nd place in Innsbruck and 3rd place at the end, I am looking back at a great tournament, in which I gained my usual strength and consistency.

The following jumps in Val di Femme, Zakopane and Sapporo gained great results with three victories, a 2nd and a 4th place and I felt great. At ski flying in Oberstdorf I was consistent, nevertheless not in the very front. For the upcoming world championship in Seefeld I did not see myself as one of the favorites, because I had problems with my consistency and my preparation for the season. At the end I could celebrate the victory of three medals of the World Championship in Seefeld. (Blog World Championship Seefeld)

The Raw Air Tour in Norway was a real spectacle. I was in a really good condition, had great jumps, but had to admit defeat because of the man of the season Ryoyu Kobayashi and therefore won the 2nd place.

In the final of the season in Planica I was not able to show my best performance and I simply was “tired” because of this energy-sapping season.

All in all I can look back at a great season with the second place in the overall world cup and great competitions. I could not imagine myself standing in Planica with such an amount of victories, medals and great competitions at the beginning of the season.

I want to thank everyone, who contributed to this great season. For me vacation starts, where I can charge my battery again and therefore start preparation with a lot of energy. I keep you up and again thank you for the great support.



3 medals…

If someone told me in autumn that I would win three medals at our “Home-WCS” in Seefeld, I would probably call them crazy. It was a tough preparation to THE highlight of my career. A WCS in our home country you don’t experience many times – winning three medals there will cause emotional memories which I will never forget in my life.

It all started with a really emotional medal – silver with the team. Jumping in front of the home crowd on Bergisel and winning a medal there – this was a really emotional moment for all of us. This silver medal means a lot to us and I will definitely find a special place at home for it.

Everything from now on will be an additional present – these were my thoughts from the flower ceremony on. And there was an addition on top. The bronze medal in the single event was a competition which tested my mental strength more than many events prior together. I guess “mental battle” describes this event the best – the conditions were really difficult and after my first jump, I thought, that a medal on this day is impossible. At the end of the day, the bronze medal was around my neck, which I wasn’t really believing on to be honest. To be fair I have to admit that the jumpers behind me had terrible conditions as well but in our sport it is like that – sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

I was more than happy with this medal and could hardly believe it. In the last competition I had the honor to compete together with Eva, Dani and Aschi in the Mixed Team Event. The whole team pushed themselves to their limits and beyond – that was enough to win silver again and overall the 3rd medal for me in Seefeld.

Because of the tough preparation and the great atmosphere during the WCS the feelings I was able to experience were simply unique and will stay in my mind forever. Thousands of fans, the atmosphere and euphoria, everything in red and white colours – all of this made the WCS just fantastic.

With 3 medals in my suitcase I will continue to the really north to the Raw air tour. I had many great moments there, and I am really looking forward to the next days – I will try to push myself to the limits.

I want to thank you all for crossing fingers and cheering for us. Thanks a lot for the great support.


(c) JumpandReach

My personal final countdown to the Nordic Ski World championships in Seefeld and at the same time my way out of one of the hardest times in my career…

My personal final countdown to the Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld and at the same time my way out of one of the hardest times in my career…

Only a few days are left. With the World Championship in Seefeld, Austria, an absolute highlight comes closer.

To jump in front of your fans, to show your emotions, to fight for medals for Austria – and all that at World Championships  – I think that’s one of the greatest things a sportsman can experience.

Nearly on the day four months ago, at the Austrian championships, I felt completely different. I had the feeling, that I was further away from winning a medal than the sun is away from the moon. 😉

A few challenges got together, which made my life difficult during the summer preparation. In my thigh I had a muscle hardening since last winter that became worse and worse. When warming up, I didn’t even know how to stretch properly. Over time something like that just stays in your mind. Moreover the material didn’t really fit into my system, ski jumping became even more sensitive and I couldn’t really “feel myself”. All these problems and challenges created a really difficult path and so the preparations last summer were probably the toughest time in my career.

At that time, the Word championships in Tyrol were still in the future, but nevertheless the big goal of the season for me. So I really felt hopeless.

Exactly at that time, Patrick took me aside and together we took everything apart and put all of it together in new order. He has been by my side for many years now and is my constant, my most trusted companion.

For my thigh I visited an expert, who actually helped me to solve the problem. I was able to handle my complaints more and more. I also found a solution with the and defined a clear focus…

In autumn, Patrick and I had to define new goals – instead of fighting for victories and podiums, the goal was to find the missing “easiness” and consistency during this season. So a continuous progress until the World Championships. 😉

If anyone had told me then, that four months later I would have already celebrated victories and podiums and am now going into the World Championships as a joint favourite, I would have never believed it… And sure it’s better to go there as one of the favourites, than being totally out of the picture.

I am now looking forward to fantastic Word Championships, where hopefully lots and lots of fans will be cheering for us. I know that we have a good plan for the Championships, I am feeling good and I would like to fight for medals. BUT I have to keep calm and focus on the ongoing jumping – health issues can always upset your plans and the well-known “easiness” can be gone within seconds.

As I said, the season is supposed to be a continuous positive progress – this has worked so far and that’s how I want to keep going.

See you at the World Championships in Seefeld!



Check out my new app!

Hello everyone,

there is now a new cool app of me, with which you get the chance to get to know me even closer!

Together with the app and my autograph card you can discover me as a 3D model! :)

That’s how it works: Download the app, get my autograph card and get going 😉 Then you simply pull up the app, point your mobilde device towards the printed autograph card and the app will show you me as a 3D model. On one page you can discover me in a sporty outfit, on the other page you’ll see me in action – “flying” over the autograph card. The digital doubles are in such high-resolution that you can zoom in to just a few centimeters. There is also more information about me, including a short bio and my successes.

Get the app:
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I’m already curious if you like the app :)
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3 out of 4… this was my 4 hills tournament

Until you realize it, it’s already over again. The 4 hills tournament 2018/19 is history, and will be in ski jumpings’ history books forever because Ryoyu Kobayashi achieved what not many in our Sport did – winning all 4 competitions during one 4 hills tournament is unbelievable. Many congratulations Ryoyu, these are great moments for our sport.

I was really looking forward to the tournament. I improved my jumps week per week and got more consistent and secure. I felt ready for one highlight of the season. Travelling to Oberstdorf at the end of December is automatically paired with goose bumps and you know that the 4 hills tournament is just around the corner.

The 67th edition couldn’t start much better for me: I had a great feeling from the beginning on, won the Quali and the day after I celebrated a 3rd place in Oberstdorf. After Oberstdorf, Garmisch is on the schedule – not my favourite hill. And after this year we won’t have a romance for a while – the second run I was just spectator –  it felt horrible to just watch.

Totally different scenes in Innsbruck: At good conditions I could celebrate a 2nd place behind an unbelievably strong Ryoyu – already my second time on the 4 hills tournament podium.

In Bischofshofen on my “home hill” I wanted to show my fans great jumps – and it worked out perfectly. 134 and 131,5 meters secured a 3rd place for me which I was really happy with.

Summarizing my 4 hills tournament is quite easy: 3 out of 4 competitions were really cool and it also felt good jumping there. Just Garmisch was (again) not my best performance. Maybe they change the system the next years, and we are allowed to “delete” one result during the tournament… 😉

The atmosphere was once again amazing, that one of the reasons why I wanted to become a ski jumper. To all who contributed, thank you and see you next year.



Cookies, Christmas and 4 Hills Tournament

Time goes by so fast and faster as you can notice it’s December again, the ski jumping season already started and one of the greatest highlights of the season is just around the corner. As every year the tournament is one of the highlights and, beside the HOME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Seefeld, a huge event more for every ski jumper.

After a lot of hard training courses and the first competitions this season it’s hard for me to say how my chances are for the tournament, because I had to deal with my missing consistency and security. But as we all know, the tournament often writes its own stories…

The tournament starts with the qualification in Oberstdorf and already the arriving is very special and for everyone a sort of signal – LET’S START THE TOURNAMENT. I want to gain security already in the first jumps of the tournament and start well in the spectacle of the 4 Hills Tournament.

Before I have to fight for important points and meters though, I am enjoying the time together with my family and my girlfriend. We spend Christmas together, as every year, traditionally and contemplatively with delicious food and a cosy come-together.  A time, which for me is one of the most important times of the year and which I really enjoy and value.

I am looking forward to an exciting tournament and especially to a special Home World Championship with you. This surely will be a season, which we will not forget that easily J

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!



Let’s start final preparation…

This summer has been a real challenge for me. I had to deal with my not consistent performance and was not quite satisfied with my achievement.

Summer Grand Prix had its ups and downs for me and therefore was linked with a lot of emotions and energy. With the qualification in Hinterzarten I was very satisfied. Also in Einsiedeln I had two good jumps and gained the 7th place. Finally I was far behind in the overall standings, which somehow fits the preparation time.

In my vacation on Mallorca I could take a pause and recover. I enjoyed every day there a lot – no surprise with this sun, beach and sea! J

After charging my batteries I can start with full energy in the coming weeks and the final preparation. I also focus already on the Austrian Championships – which I like to use for an inner comparison to see, where I am standing with my performance.  This surely will be a challenge for me, because the team jumps very well, but especially in this case it’s a great comparison for me and we will see, what’s possible.

Thank you for your great support, I’ll keep you up,



New partnership with Breitling

Precision, style and performance signify for the Breitling Company.
Breitling stands for team spirit and camaraderie, because as a group you can achieve a lot more than as a single person. Exactly these values are also a decisive part of success in sports.

Also in ski-jumping, as a so-called “individual sports-man”, you work together with a team to reach the goals, you aimed for. Therefore it is important that you can build on every teammate as its own.

Values like team spirit and camaraderie are essentially important for me and I live for them day after day in training and competition. Therefore I’m really looking forward to having a great base together with my new partner Breitling.

JaR for friends_fussball (11)

JumpandReach for friends 2018

It just feels like yesterday when me and my ski jumping collegues from Austria, Norway, America and Canada were hitting some balls on the golf course. But time flies by and we’re in the middle of summer again.

Summer also means that there’s a little time to get together with the JumpandReach-family, spend some time and exchange with each other. Besides a bit of time to relax in Spa and wellness area we had an afternoon full of football with the kids of the JumpandReach young athletes support in front of the ski jumping hill in Seefeld, an E-Bike tour with stunning views in the Gaistal at Leutasch and a nice little hike to the Spieljoch. I don’t have to tell you that I never miss out on the Kaiserschmarrn whenever I’m on a ski-hut… 😉

This years for friends, was a special one of course. With just about 200 days left until the upcoming FIS Nordic World Ski Championship in Seefeld 2019, I had the opportunity to see the region from a completely different perspective. I was already thinking about the Championship every now and then, imagining the atmosphere that I can expect and I’m really looking forward to experience that.

After a few summer workouts, the next date on my schedule is the beginning of the summer grand prix. I’m looking forward to compete, to see all my ski jumping colleagues again and of course to get in touch with the fans.

Enjoy your summer in the meantime, I’ll keep you updated,

Yours Krafti