SGT_2018 (19)

Unfortunately no win at this years’ SGT…

It was once again really cool playing a nice round of golf with the other ski jumping nations. The Ski-jumpers’ Golf Trophy is a great diversion from daily life and training in a beautiful ambience. At this great location we can always play a few holes and talk about stuff that doesn’t necessarily have a connection to ski jumping.

This years’ Golf Trophy could have been so beautiful again… but not with the golf performance I showed there 😀 It was just not my day, but as you know (sadly) that it also part of the game. Of course the Golf Trophy is all about fun and a friendly comparison of the ski jumping nations. But as an athlete it is really hard to completely blind out the “competition feeling” 😉 I was playing together with Johann Andre Forfang, we had a great time together and when it came to playing golf he came off better in the end.

Not just Johann but the whole Norwegian team could cheer at the end – for the first time of the Golf Trophy the Norges won the title… for sure that has to change again next year 😀
But jokes aside, together with the teams of the USA, Canada, Norway and us Austrians we were a cool and fun group and I am really looking forward to next years’ event.

In the upcoming weeks I will spend more time in the gym again and on the hill for some jumping. Training camps in Faak, Obersdorf and Wisla are lying ahead. Now it is time to sweat again for the next season and THE highlight – the HOME WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP in Seefeld 2019.

See you again soon, take care,


Krafti news

Another season is in the books…

And once more another season is in the books. It was a very exciting but without any doubt an eventful season for me and the whole team.

A season that was again one with a lot of highlights for all of us. For sure the season was quite all about the Olympics and there were already a lot of thoughts on it during the preparation in summer.

But the season wasn’t only about the Olympics. With the ski flying world championships and the all year highlight, 4 hills tournament, this season had a lot to bring up for the whole team.

My season started well. I would almost say the season began as the last one ended. But unfortunately, and that is also human, I had a tough time in the mid of the season and had to fight hard. That this fight found his peak during the 4 hills was hard but that is also part of the game. At the ski-flying world championships I was in better shape with better feeling and in the end it was a very good 4th place. Summing up the season it felt like one of 100 4th places this season ;).

My first Olympic Games were also not that easy for me. I felt a lot better than it was shown on the result list. It was amazing to be part of the Olympic team and wear Austrian colours and show them to the world.

With the raw air and the season finale in Planica I had a really good feeling and flying was kind of „easy-going“. That was really fun and for my opinion the season could have lasted a lot longer. At the end of the season I look back to a lot of great moments, several places on the podium and several top rankings.

The next days I will take a bit of free time, go on holidays, be around in nature at home, do some mountain biking and enjoy spring with is great weather before we start training in about a month.

I wish you a great time in the meantime, a beautiful spring and thanks a lot for keeping your fingers crossed all over the season.

Yours, Krafti.

krafti blog

Bye Bye Raw Air Tour, Hello Planica…

As we all know the Raw Air Tour program was huge. 10 competitions in 10 days really are an exception and a big challenge but that’s what makes the Raw Air Tour so special.

At the bottom line I can say that this year’s Raw Air tour was a pretty cool thing. My performance got better and better throughout the tour and I felt better with every jump I made. I was really happy about that and I’m glad that I could build up such a positive feeling once again. There were a lot of great moments during this tour that I really enjoyed. I would say the most beautiful moment was standing on the podium together with my roommate Michi at the competition in Oslo. Of course the podium in the team competition was also great. It is an awesome feeling to share the podium with the whole team.

I was fighting untill the end of the tour to achieve my goal to stand on the overall podium. Unfortunately I missed it by a narrow margin. Even in Vikersund on the last day the jumps were good but just good and no “Rockets”…

I can draw a lesson from the Raw Air tour and now I am really looking forward to the season final in Planica. Planica for me is always something special. It is the season’s final competition, the weather is always great, it is my favourite hill and the fans make this competition really special. My family and some friends will also be there to cheer for me once again and we will see what happens.

I definitely feel ready and fit for this “grande Finale” and the anticipation is enormous.

Thanks for always keeping your fingers crossed through the whole season and also for the coming weekend,



Final spurt

And then it is already March and we have the last ski jumping competitions ahead of us. Unbelievable how fast such a world cup season goes by.

Unfortunately the Olympics weren’t what I hoped for but I have certainly learned a lot. That I have to stay patient and continue to work patiently – it doesn’t always go the easy way. Of course, I had imagined my first Olympic Games differently and naturally I wanted to make a nice finish with a cool jump, but at that moment, it just wasn’t possible. I wasn’t good enough to reach the very top. I will continue to try again and again, but above all I will take with me a lot from this situation and learn a lot for the future and for my next Olympic Games I have collected lots of valuable experiences. Nevertheless I’ve had many “goose bumps moments” at these Olympic Games, though because of other athletes, and I will take these emotions and the flair with me. The ski jumping medals most certainly went to the best athletes, in the single competitions as well as in the team competition.

In Lahti last weekend it already went very well for me. I’m really happy with my third place, because it shows that I can compete with the best ski jumpers. With the RAW Air Tournament a very hard program awaits us but I feel more than ready for it!

In the remaining season I will fight and try to reach the top again – this is the big goal. If I can accomplish that once more, it would be a good step into the right direction and despite everything I could be more pleased with myself.

So keep your fingers crossed for the remaining competitions.


Ski Flying!!

The opening to some ski flying days is made – first Bad Mitterndorf, then Oberstdorf. Unfortunately they had to cancel the second competitions due to bad weather conditions. Bit Friday and Saturday was not so bad. But there is still some improvement possible and I hope I can show this next weekend in Oberstdorf in order to fight for the medals. Therefore we will prepare ourself as perfect as possible for the Ski Flying World Championships this week.

And from Friday on, you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed 😉


That was the 66th 4 Hills Tournament

And again a 4 Hills Tournament draws to an end, with a worthy winner named Kamil Stoch who won as the second ski jumper ever all 4 competitions in one season. Hats Off and congrats!

For me, it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. The start in Oberstdorf was not so bad, although I had some tough luck during second round and therefore finished 4th in the end. Also Bischofshofen was quite good. Again a 4th place, very close to the podium. But Garmisch-Partenkirchen an Innsbruck just weren’t my days.

Therefore the 4 Hills tournament is ticked off and I’ll take the good feeling from Bischofshofen to the Kulm and the first ski flying world cup of this season. Skiiiiii flyiiiiiing!!! That’s why everyone begins with ski jumping; to fly more than 200m. I guess you notice that I’m really looking forward to this. And also to the many many Austrian fans at the hill.

So, let’s go!


4 Hills are coming!!!

The time has come again, our yearly ski jumping highlight is almost here – the 66th 4 Hills Tournament. 4 hills with 4 competitions in only a few days and a lot of excitement around it. Every ski jumper is looking forward to this event.

After Engelberg, where I could show some really good jumps, 1st in qualification and 3rd in competition, we had a short trainings course in Garmisch/Seefeld in order to be prepared perfectly. And then some quiet days at home with the family.

We celebrate Christmas very traditional within the family circle, good food and also with some Christmas songs 😉 days, I really enjoy!!

But now the quiet time is over. For tomorrow, we already have the qualification in Oberstdorf on our schedule and I can’t wait till it is on again. I’m feeling fine, will give everything and then we will see what I will get out in the end. The competition is very strong, but I want to fight for the podiums.

So, keep your fingers crossed!


It is on!

The first world cup weekend is done. Well, not only done, actually it was a really great one.

The team competition has made so much fun. Together with Michi, Daniel und Clemens, we were a really young team. For Daniel it was even the first team competition ever. And Michi, with his 26 years our grandpa 😉 – he did some really good jumps, considering his injury. So the 2nd place was a very good performance by the whole team.

But I’m also very satisfied with the single competition on Sunday. The goal was to live up to the last season and I guess I achieved that with the podium. It was a close competition and I’m very happy that everything works so fine already. And then congrats Hubi! Great performance! I hope he’ll continue with such ski jumping.

On this week’s schedule we’ll have some time in the weight room but also relaxation in order to be well-breathed next weekend in Ruka.

See you,


London Calling

The new season is almost here. But last weekend Michi and I were traveling to London with our systemic coach Patrick. Very nice to get away a little bit from daily life and to see new things and I guess for that London is the place to be 😉

Sightseeing, good food (yes, even in England ;-)) and football were on our schedule and therefore we did not only see the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square, we visited one or two pubs and we watched a match in the legendary Wembley Stadium. Football is always part of our mutual travels. All in all a great weekend!

This week, we completed our last jumps at the Bergisel in Innsbruck and now the world cup can start! :-) I’m ready!!


Winter is near ;-)

Dear friends,

the last competitions of the summer are done. In Hinzenbach and Klingenthal things went pretty ok. Not really the placement I had striven for, but I know that I am on the right way.

Last weekend we jumped the Austrian Championships in Bischofshofen and Villach and I can be quite pleased with place 2 and 3. I could show a few jumps on a very good level. But of course, congratulations to Michl, who took both titles! Great performance!!

Tomorrow we are getting our clothes for the winter, before we are heading directly to Cyprus for one of our last training courses before the season starts. Once again training and relaxing, so we are fit for the start of the season.

Winter is coming 😉