Short breakt after Zakopane

What a cool weekend in Zakopane! First of all I’m so happy, that we could make the podium again with the team – this time even one step higher! 😉 Who knows, perhaps we will be able to stand at the top once this season. Therefor I was able to celebrate my first victory this season. An amazing feeling to be at the top again, especially with my “room buddy” Michi as second and this incredible crowd in Poland! Thanks!

But before I will continue in the world cup, I will take a short break. In the last month we were almost always on the way, nearly every day on the hill or in the car traveling. But we aren’t done with only half of this world cup season. Shortly after Japan we will head to Norway, Finland and Kazakhstan. I think if you want to compete for the foremost places at those stations you have to be regained. Therefore my program for the next days will be some recreation and training at home.

But at the following world cup station in Oslo, I will surely charge again! 😉

So long,
your Krafti


Ski Flying World Championships at Kulm – What a weekend!

Unbelievable how fast the last days went by. Nevertheless there also was some time to enjoy what had happened.
I came to the ski flying world championships with the great goal to win a medal. And now I brought home even two. That’s just amazing!! :-)

Both medals are very special. To be on the podium in the single competition with those extremely strong competitors is definitely not an implicitness and makes me very proud. And to win a medal with the guys – Michi, Poppi and Fetti – a medal which probably nearly nobody thought we would be capable of to achieve, is fantastic. To celebrate achievements together is simply even nicer. And one person was always with us: Lukas Müller. Luki, we all wish you the best for the future! Stay strong!

Then I want to say thank you so much to all the fans which came to the hill and supported us. You were simply incredible and made this ski flying world championship to a real ski jumping festival!

After the competition on Sunday I directly went home for a few days before we will leave to Zakopane for the weekend. I’m sure that also there the fans will transform the hill into a lion’s den. So there still is a lot to look forward to! 😉

See you!


Goodbye 4 Hills, Hello Kulm!!

And again a 4 Hills Tournament over. But this time with completely different preconditions than last year.

At the beginning of this season it wasn’t easy for me to find my rhythm. This had several different reasons but the closer the 4 Hills came the more I gained momentum.

The tour then didn’t worked out as I would have liked to, partly because I hadn’t much luck with the wind, as in Oberstdorf and partly because I just wanted too much. Nevertheless I’m satisfied with the overall performance. The last competition in Bischofshofen was amazing again. I had two very good jumps and landed right behind my room buddy Michi on the 4th place. Congrats to Michi for his 3rd overall place and to Peter for the victory. What you performed during this tournament was simply impressing.

And then a THANK YOU to all the great fans at the hills! You were amazing!

Now I’m already heading to the Ski Flying World Championships at the Kulm, where the qualification will take place already tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the hill and to jump in front of the uncountable fans with their flags. And of course I want to take part in the fight about the medals.

Therefore, keep your fingers crossed. 😉

Bye for now,


From holiday into hard training and goto Summer Grand Prix

Hey guys!

Vacations are already some days over but I had two great and relaxing weeks in Thailand where I really could take a break from everyday life. On the other side I had a very intense and exhausting last month including a lot of training on the hill and in the gym in order to be optimally prepared for winter.
I also used the few days off for some time on my home mountains to recharge the batteries. Besides some hiking tours I also visited friends from my home football club SV Schwarzach and attended their daily training session. I extremely enjoyed playing football with my buddies!

Last weekend I had the chance to check in Almaty where I’m standing right now – compared to the other athletes and to find those things where I have to work on in the following weeks to mix it at the top. Of course I’m very happy with my first and second place – unbelievable that things already work out so good. Now I’m preparing for the last Sommer Grand Prix in Hinzenbach to show a great performance for the fans at home.

Afterwards we will have some days for relaxing in Cyprus, so that we can start in the winter with full energy.

See you then!



Start in the summer Grand Prix

Hello fans and friends!

Once again a short update. Our preparation for the next season is already running for some while and last weekend we already had the first Grand Prix of this summer in Wisla! During the last weeks we spent a lot of time on the jumping hills and I already have a pretty good feeling concerning my jumps. Also the fourth place in Wisla shows me that I’m on the right track although I know that there is still some potential, but that’s perfectly fine. But I also again simply enjoyed competing with the other ski jumping nations.

Now I’m heading off on vacation. Some days off to relax before the next sportive tasks on our preparation agenda.