Finally again – training courses and JaR family meetings

In the last month, I was often asked what I was actually missing most during the Corona period. In addition to traveling, which is an important and nice compensation for me after the season, it is clearly meeting friends, teammates, training and spending time together.

The training at home in the “home office” was okay and a good interim solution, but the training with the team and the training courses cannot be compared to that at all. In the training course, you can talk to your colleagues and always have something to laugh about. We have now had one or two training courses and I am very happy that we can travel together as a team again.

In addition to training with the team and the courses, the JumpandReach come-together last weekend was also a meeting that I was really looking forward to again. Due to corona, it’s been a while since we did something together and had time to look back on the last season and to exchange ideas. In addition to a leisurely hike to the “Geolsalm” (with “Kaiserschmarren” of course) there was a really nice trophy celebration and time to hit a few balls on the golf course. It was cozy, relaxing and also instructive days for all of us in the Zillertal.

For me it will continue with training jumps in the coming days and weeks and then I will slowly but surely look towards vacation :)

All the best,
Your Krafti.