Just wait and see… and drink tea

In the meantime, the corona virus has also caught me and it feels more than bitter at the moment to sit at home and watch ski jumping on TV – it simply hurts my ambitious athlete’s heart. Of course, I would have imagined the preparation for the Ski Flying World Championships completely different also and wanted to get there in top form. But now I have to make the best out of it and just catch few things while watching TV maybe 😉

Otherwise I actually feel okay, even if I’m anything but fit. I still felt very good on Friday and Saturday and had no symptoms either. On Sunday/Monday things looked a little different and I’ve had mild flu-like symptoms for a few days now. In detail, this means that my nose and my sinuses somehow don’t feel okay and since the day before yesterday there has been a slight loss of taste.

Although I feel okay so far, I can’t think of training at home at the moment – that’s just not possible. Instead of training at home, the program for me is literally “waiting and drinking tea” every day. Little consolation with regard to one of THE highlights of this year, the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica…

Right now I am trying to combat the symptoms with tea, inhalation, vitamins and other home remedies. I’ll do another test in the next days and then we’ll see. In addition, a sports medicine test is planned for me as soon as I feel fit again – I cannot estimate now when that will be.

At the moment I can’t tell you any more about the personal planning for the Ski Flying World Championships, training jumps, etc. up to that point. I have to see what the time and the tests bring and then I’ll see where the journey goes.

Thanks for the encouraging messages over the last few days, I’ll keep you up to date,