Krafti abreise Planica

Let’s go to the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica – the bags are packed …

Yes I will be there! The last four days my body feeling has got better and better and the “little boy” in me develops more and more joy and enthusiasm for “flying”.

The last 14 days have been like a rollercoaster. In your own four walls you are of course limited and I have tried to set myself small goals again and again and to remain optimistic. At first a week with almost no symptoms, then with the flu-like symptoms. In short, doomed to do nothing (and yes, you shouldn’t underestimate this virus!). In the past few days, however, things have turned around and my body has felt better and sent better signals every day.

After my negative corona test, the sports medical examination was still on the schedule today and everything went well. All the tests or not, they are important for general clarification, but I also try to listen to my body. We have always done this in recent years when difficult decisions were to be made. For this reason, my decision was only made today, because it is one in which health and fitness are very important. For this week, but of course also with an eye on the weeks that will follow this season.

My general physical condition, health and fitness feel good, depending on the situation, of course. That was very, very important for the decision making. Of course, there is no question that I have lost substance overall. But yesterday I was in Rif for a good strength unit and it felt really good. Training jumps on another hill were not possible, so I will try to get the feeling and the jumping rhythm “on site”. I knew it was going to be close, but I’m happy that I can be there at all – rhythm or not. I have my plan and will try to follow through.

I’m realist enough to know that at the moment I’m not on the same level as the strong Norwegians, Poles and an Eisenbichler for example. All the others also have a competition rhythm, which is an important advantage. But I go to the Ski flying World Championships I’ll try everything and see what works. In any case, this time I would NOT count myself among the favourites – that’s for sure 😉

The fact is, I am a ski jumper with heart and soul and I love the feeling of “flying”. I am following my heart and instinct now. I carefully weighed the pros and cons according to the current status quo and the “little boy” in me screams “come on, let’s do it!” 😉 😊

Decisions have to be made and the near future will tell where we are headed. Please keep your fingers crossed for me – then it will be fine 😊!

Thank you and see you soon,