Krafti_Nizhny Tagil

My 17th world cup victory

What a start in the season…after a lot of trembling and performances, which I have not always been satisfied with, I was now able to show a good accomplishment in Nizhny.

Until December the season was full of varying performances. While I was not very satisfied about my performance in Wisla, I could come back to my usual shape in Ruka, Finland. Nizhny therefore of course is the high point of the start in this season. In spite of bad wind conditions, I could holt the consistency in my jumps and was happy about two top-jumps about 140 and 134,5 meters and the gold medal!

With this great results I am, of course, looking forward to the tournament with a lot of motivation. Nevertheless, I will give everything during the next training, because at the tournament the dices will be thrown again.

I keep you up.