Ankündigung skifliegen am Kulm

Off we go to the ski flying at Kulm

It’s probably no secret that for me ski flying is the best form of our amazing sports. The time in the air, playing with the aerodynamic forces, the intense flight phase – all of these factors make my ski flying heart beat faster.

And when the ski flying even takes place in Austria in front of the home crowd, there’s basically everything there for an amazing flying weekend at the Kulm. With my bronze medal from the ski flying world championships at Kulm I have very good memories with this hill and am just really looking forward to the “flights”.

The way things stand everything looks good for a cool ski flying – also for me personally. After a quite turbulent weekend in Klingenthal I am fired up for jumps and flights at the Kulm and I will try to keep my consistency further on. I feel fit, I’m very motivated and hungry for the oncoming competitions.

So I’m really looking forward to a cool flying show with you at the Kulm,

Yours Krafti.