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Physical challenge and “surprise bag”

My examinations yesterday in Innsbruck were important, but did not bring any new knowledge regarding my back pain, which occurs again and again. From a medical point of view, structurally, I am not missing anything and I am healthy. It is simply a mixture of a small inflammation in the pelvic area, “tension” as a whole and therefore a structural overload. For this reason, the body may react from time to time. It will stay that way this season as well.

Right now, my body is still sending negative signals and I don’t want to take the risk that it will get worse right now. For this reason, I will no longer travel to Planica for the team competition. It’s disappointing for me personally because of course I want to help my team too. But now I have to look at my health and listen to my body. It is of no use to me or the team if I have problems again after a round and then I am standing there and the team is missing a jumper.

I will stay at home now and I have already been working on my physical challenge since this morning. For this I already completed a therapy unit this morning. So, the clear goal is to do everything possible to return to the World Cup in Engelberg with a more stable, physical condition. In conclusion, I can only emphasize what I have tried to explain in the last few days: namely, that this season I will remain a “surprise bag” (actually very good, but unfortunately sometimes suddenly condemned to watch) and depending on the season, I have to see how my body plays along.

This physical challenge is just special and difficult to handle. Yesterday’s medical check confirmed that I am well looked after and that I am working professionally with my existing environment. I will continue to try to work consistently to improve the situation. It won’t be easy and this topic will certainly stay with me for some time (even beyond the season).

I have now tried to convey everything that is important and ask for your understanding that I will hold back from making statements in this direction in the near future.
All the best,