About me

I was born on the 13 of May in 1993 in my hometown Schwarzach. Since I was a little boy I was enthusiastic at sports. Therefore I began to play football at the age of four and a short time later I was a member of the Skiing Club Großarl.

The interest in ski jumping came with my best friend Christian Reiter. One day I watched his competition. But watching was not to my utter satisfaction, so I was standing on the hill a few days later. From that day on I couldn’t get enough and only a little time later I became a member of the Landesskiverband Salzburg.

I decided to attend the sport middle school in Bischofshofen, so I can do more sports and not only in my free time. After finishing the middle school it was no hard decision to change to the Ski Gymnasium in Stams because so did all my Austrian ski jumping idols.

Together with the SLSV I worked hard to pass the qualifying examination. In the meantime I achieved my Matura and I am an army athletes. The army sport offers a great opportunity to develop myself in a sportive and personal way without having school in my mind. Therefore I am looking forward to this new challenge.

Annual Schedule

  • Spring

    That is the time to recover from the past winter season and I have time for compensation sports and intensive weight training. From the middle of May until the beginning of July I use the time to test equipment, raise the power level, but also to train ski jumping on the mat.

  • Summer

    In summer there are the Summer Grand Prix but also the development for the winter season and the rising of the power potential to be prepared for the winter. Therefore it is difficult to bring a constant performance.

  • Autumn

    In November there are again intensive power sessions to get fit for the winter season. Also there are the first snow jumps, inasmuch as the weather is right and we are trying to get the optimal competition equipment for the winter season.

  • Winter

    The main season is of course the wintertime. There are the most important competitions and mega events on the schedule. It starts at the beginning of December and runs until the end of March. Who made his homework and is motivated is able to win and I will give my best!


One of the most important factors for me as an athlete is my family, who is at the competitions with me most of the time and supports me in all fields of my life.

  • The indescribable feeling in the air that comes with a long jump
  • The sound of the national anthem for my result
  • Fun and friends
  • Travelling through the whole world